District Boundaries definition

District Boundaries means the boundaries of the District, which boundaries are coextensive with the outside boundary lines of Milam and Burleson Counties. [Amended June 12, 2012]
District Boundaries means the legal boundaries of the District, as the same are established and amended from time to time pursuant to §§32-1-101, et seq., C.R.S., as well as properties outside of the District’s legal boundaries which receive service from the District, all as more particularly set forth in the map and legal description attached hereto as Exhibit B and incorporated herein by this reference.
District Boundaries means the boundaries of the area legally described on Exhibit A. “District Boundary Map” means the map attached hereto as Exhibit B.

Examples of District Boundaries in a sentence

  • A legal description of the District Boundaries is attachedhereto as Exhibit A.

  • If uncertainty exists with the boundaries shown on Figure 1 and the original map, the District Boundaries Rules shall govern as outlined herein and at the end of this section, and in paragraph 3.6 of Section 3.

  • Upon any annexation or withdrawal, the District shall provide the City a description of the revised District Boundaries.

  • A map of the District Boundaries is attached hereto as Exhibit B.

  • PART VI Assessment Diagram: The Diagram of the District Boundaries showing the exterior boundaries of the Assessment District and the lines and dimensions of each lot or parcel of land within the Assessment District.

More Definitions of District Boundaries

District Boundaries means the boundaries of the District, and such boundaries that are coexisting with the outside boundary lines of Edwards and Real Counties.
District Boundaries means the boundaries of the tracts totaling 733.648 acres of land as shown on Exhibit A and described on Exhibit B.
District Boundaries refers to district boundaries as they existed prior to September 1, 2013. All employees affected by this agreement shall continue to accrue seniority and exercise seniority rights as per the collective agreement as if the district boundaries of the previous Boards remained in effect, with the following exceptions:
District Boundaries means a continuous geographic
District Boundaries means the physical boundaries as presently established or as may be extended from time to time as duly provided by town law.
District Boundaries means the area in which the District is approved to provide water
District Boundaries means a perimeter description of the property contained within the boundaries of the District as presently existing or property included pursuant to a Petition for Inclusion which is approved by the District and for which the District Court approves an Order for Inclusion. Property contained within the District Boundaries shall be subject to District taxation, including the imposition of a mill levy.