Time Payment Sample Clauses

Time Payment. 1 (a) Initial hook, final drop and fueling time will be paid 15 minutes at the terminal at the start and end of a day. In order to facilitate the driver's daily inspection of tractor and trailer, all drivers shall be at the terminal at least 15 minutes prior to the time necessary to arrive at the first scheduled delivery or pickup.
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Time Payment. Teachers entitled to paid coverage in accordance with the above shall be paid within 30 days after the end of each trimester. The Principal of each school shall maintain a payroll record available for inspection by the Alliance.
Time Payment. 31.7 To compensate faculty unit employees who are in active pay status as of the date of ratification of this Agreement for the additional time and effort required to make significant changes to the delivery of instruction due to the coronavirus, a one-time payment of $3500 will be made to each faculty unit employee who worked an average of 1.0 timebase during Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 (or the equivalent academic year on a quarter campus). For those who worked less than an average of 1.0, this payment will be prorated by the faculty member’s average timebase worked for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 (or the equivalent academic year on a quarter campus), but not to exceed a 1.0 timebase. A semester (or quarter) not worked shall be considered a zero timebase. This payment is based on the time and effort required to adapt curriculum, alter related services, modify course evaluation practices, and implement modified programs to accommodate student needs resulting from the coronavirus pandemic including students’ technological, illness, and dependent care requirements, among others. This payment is considered taxable income subject to all normal payroll withholding and is to be paid through the state payroll system. This payment is not considered reportable compensation for purposes of calculating CalPERS retirement benefits. Payments to faculty unit employees participating in the Faculty Early Retirement Program will be made if allowed under CalPERS rules and regulations. General Salary Increases (GSI)
Time Payment. Pet Sitter shall care for the Pet Owner’s pet(s) as identified and described below for the time period sta_rtdate until end da_te . In consideration for Pet Sitter’s care and services, Pet Owner shall pay Pet Sitter In-full or Half/Half and paid via Cash or Card . Pet Owner agrees to reimburse Pet Sitter for reasonable expenses incurred while sitting (i.e extended trip, ect.) PAYMENT TOTAL: $ Paid via Other:
Time Payment. You can use the Loan Transfer feature to make non-recurring “on-us” loan Account payments (“Loan Payment(s)”). The Loan Transfer will be processed on the Loan Transfer processing date (“Processing Date”); provided that the Processing Date selected by you is a business day and you submit your one-time Loan Transfer instruction prior to the Loan Transfer cutoff hour for that date. If you select a Processing Date that is not a business day or submit your Loan Transfer instruction after the Loan Transfer cutoff hour for that date, then the Processing Date may be the next business day. You may designate the Loan Payment as a regular installment or an interest/principal only payment. If funds transferred will be applied as a reduction in principle only, funds will be applied as unscheduled reductions of principal and as such will not satisfy the installment obligations under the payment schedule for the loan Account or pay accrued interest. If funds transferred will be applied as a regular installment payment, you are responsible for ensuring that you initiate an Loan Payment instruction in time for the payment to be received by us before its due date. We are not responsible for any damages, costs or fees you may suffer if you do not allow sufficient time between the Processing Date and the due date.
Time Payment. ☐ Everyday Rent is Late. Late rent is considered when it has not been paid within days of the Due Date. ☐ - No Late Fee payment if Rent is late.
Time Payment. All time payments of highway drivers shall include way- freighting, terminal delays, breakdowns, completing of log forms, tac cards or other unavoidable delays, such delays will be paid at the hourly rate after fifteen (15) consecutive minutes of waiting time. In the event of breakdowns or other allegedly unavoidable delays such as major snow storms occurring in areas without supervision, the Company may, at its discretion, require drivers to sign a statutory declaration having the same force and effect as a statement made under oath and by virtue of the Canada Evidence Act setting forth the causes to the best of their knowledge and belief for such breakdowns and/or delays. Delays Due to Snow and/or Ice Conditions
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Time Payment. Each Development Milestone Payment set forth in TABLE 1 above shall be paid only once, upon the first time that any Licensed Product achieves the applicable Development Milestone Event. If a Development Milestone Event is not achieved because achievement of such earlier Development Milestone Event was unnecessary or did not otherwise occur, then upon achievement of the later Development Milestone Event, the Development Milestone Payment applicable to such earlier Development Milestone Event will also be due.
Time Payment. The distributive interest of any Partner withdrawing pursuant to this Agreement shall be paid within the period specified in Section 4.4 hereof. If there are any assets which cannot be properly valued on the withdrawal date, then each Partner's proportionate amount of any such assets may be retained in the Partnership until such time when the assets can be properly valued. If there is any pending transaction or claim by or against the Partnership involving or which may affect the Capital Accounts or obligations of a withdrawing Partner which cannot, in the judgment of the Managing General Partner, be then ascertained, the proportionate amount thereof or the proportionate probable loss therefrom may be retained in the Partnership until the liquidation of the Partnership. In this situation, no amount shall be paid or charged to any such Partner or his personal representative on account of any transaction or claim until its final liquidation or at such time as the Managing General Partner shall determine. In the meantime, however, the Partnership may retain from other sums due such Partner or his personal representative an amount which the Managing General Partner estimates may be sufficient to cover the share of such Partner in any probable loss or liability on account of such transaction or claim.
Time Payment. Section 30.1 All employees shall be paid from punch to punch for all miles traveled or hours worked except where flat rate payments apply. Flat rate payments shall be mutually agreed to and reduced to writing.
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