Catalog Sample Clauses

Catalog. Information about Hawthorn University is published in a school catalog that contains a description of certain policies, procedures, and other information about the school. Hawthorn University reserves the right to change any provision of the catalog at any time. Notice of changes will be communicated in a revised catalog, an addendum or supplement to the catalog, or other written format. Students are expected to read and be familiar with the information contained in the school catalog, in any revisions, supplements and addenda to the catalog, and with all school policies. By enrolling in Hawthorn University, the student agrees to abide by the terms stated in the catalog and all school policies.
Catalog. A sample of your artwork will be published in a color catalog of the collective exhibition which will be distributed to gallery visitors.
Catalog. If there is any inconsistency between this agreement and any catalog or other docu- ment incorporated in this agreement by ref- erence or any of the Contractor’s rules and regulations, the provisions of this agreement shall govern.
Catalog. A listing of all products commercially offered by the Bidder, with an associated MSRP for each product bid upon by the Bidder (not limited to the specific products offered on the Bidder’s Discount sheet).
Catalog. 4.1 The supplier agrees to not make available in their catalog or sell any Kaspersky Lab items in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) ruling in the Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC)
Catalog. I have received a copy of the seminary’s catalog and was given the time and opportunity to review the institutional policies in the Catalog. I understand that the most recent edition of the Catalog is always available on the seminary’s website at xxxx://
Catalog. The term “Catalog” means a configuration specific to a business process and Authorized User population.
Catalog. Most of Oracle’s remaining software products are available for purchase via the catalog. Pre- negotiated enterprise discounts available for each commercial price list. Catalog prices are static through May 2023.
Catalog. The catalog of products and services offered by You which may be offered for sale through the Market may be limited by JM from time to time in its sole discretion in order to maintain optimal system performance and responsiveness, and You agree to be bound by any such limitations. You shall be responsible, via the Zing API to upload Your products and services, as well as to maintain Your inventory.