Other Products and Services Sample Clauses

Other Products and Services. As our customer, you have access to a suite of financial products and services availed by ourselves, our affiliates and strategic partners designed to help you address and achieve your financial needs and goals. You agree that you can obtain information about such Products and Services via our website xxx.xxxxxxxx.xxx.xx and you further agree that we can from time to time communicate information in relation to such Products or Services to you specifically or generally to all cardmembers via such communication mode as we consider appropriate.
Other Products and Services. Manager may offer wireless products and services that are not Sprint PCS Products and Services, on the terms Manager determines, if the offer of the additional products and services:
Other Products and Services. All information relating to consulting, Inventions, entertainment content, research and development and other proprietary products or services, whether existing or in various stages of research and development, which are not generally known to the public or within the Internet industry or trade in which Company competes (such as know-how, content, specifications, technical data, engineering data, processes, techniques, methodologies, and strategies) and the physical embodiments of such information (such as drawings, schematics, data files, video, text, pictures, sound, graphics, specification sheets, instructor manuals, course materials, training aids, video cassettes, transparencies, slides, taped recordings of presentations, proposals, printouts, studies, contracts, maintenance manuals, documentation, and any other written or machine-readable expressions of such information as are fixed in any tangible media).
Other Products and Services. Except as set forth on Schedule 3.26, (a) the Company's products will be delivered and its services will be scheduled and performed in a timely manner without interruptions caused by the date in time on which the product is ordered or is actually delivered or the services are scheduled or actually performed under normal procedures in the ordinary course, whether before, on or after January 1, 2000; and (b) the Company has made reasonable efforts to obtain confirmation that the Company's essential suppliers of products and services, including the suppliers of its infrastructure systems, have Year 2000 Compliant programs in place to avoid interruptions in the supplier-customer trading relationship which could have a Material Adverse Effect, whether before, on or after January 1, 2000.
Other Products and Services. With respect to other products and services through which MICROSOFT may desire to use WORLDSPAN System, including but not limited to, certain private label products, the parties will discuss in good faith how such products and services may be included under the terms of this Agreement.
Other Products and Services. 8 3.3 Cross-selling with Sprint................................... 9 3.4
Other Products and Services. Other services not listed are not covered under this agreement. Types of these services include, but are not limited to: legal, accounting, staff training, representation, medical use, operations, products and liability.
Other Products and Services. CREF and TIAA agree that the services to be provided by TIAA under this Agreement are not to be deemed exclusive and TIAA is free to provide administrative and other services to affiliated and non-affiliated entities including to its own separate accounts, investment companies managed or distributed by TIAA’s affiliates, TIAA-CREF Trust Company, FSB, TIAA-CREF Life Insurance Company and TIAA’s investment adviser and broker-dealer subsidiaries. This Agreement will not in any way restrict TIAA or its subsidiaries and affiliates from offering any product or service to any customer or potential customer.
Other Products and Services. The owner agrees to arrange and the hirer agrees to purchase the following products and services. Description of service Quantity Unit rate Total charges
Other Products and Services. CREF and TC Services agree that the Distribution Services to be performed by TC Services under this Agreement are not to be deemed exclusive and TC Services is free to act as distributor of other insurance products or investment company shares or other securities issued by TIAA-CREF Life Insurance Company, TIAA or any entity affiliated therewith or controlled directly or indirectly thereby, or any nonaffiliated investment company or other issuer of securities. This Agreement will not restrict TC Services from offering any product or service that any unaffiliated registered broker-dealer may provide. To the extent that TC Services engages in broker-dealer activities other than performing the Distribution Services to or for the benefit of CREF under this Agreement, TC Services agrees that it will perform such activities in compliance with the requirements of the applicable Federal Securities Laws, the securities laws of any relevant state or jurisdiction, and the applicable requirements of FINRA.