Surveillance Sample Clauses

Surveillance. The COR will receive and document all complaints from Government personnel regarding the services provided. If appropriate, the COR will send the complaints to the Contractor for corrective action.
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Surveillance. 23.1.1 Any surveillance must be undertaken and used in accordance with the University Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy guidelines and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chap. F.31 as amended.
Surveillance. 13.15.1 The purpose of surveillance equipment is to secure the buildings. The purpose of surveillance equipment is not to evaluate the performance of employees or to monitor their behavior or conduct.
Surveillance. 1. A Committee on Safeguards is hereby established, under the authority of the Council for Trade in Goods, which shall be open to the participation of any Member indicating its wish to serve on it. The Committee will have the following functions:
Surveillance. The routine collection, analysis and dissemination of data that describe the occurrence and distribution of disease, events or conditions.
Surveillance. The University will post signs or otherwise notify employees of work areas that are being routinely monitored. Only law enforcement officials will be permitted to authorize electronic surveillance in locations of suspected criminal activity.
Surveillance. 26.1 The Committee shall examine new and full notifications submitted under paragraph 1 of Article XVI of GATT 1994 and paragraph 1 of Article 25 of this Agreement at special sessions held every third year. Notifications submitted in the intervening years (updating notifications) shall be examined at each regular meeting of the Committee.
Surveillance. For safety and security reasons we implement video and audio surveillance to monitor Revo Fitness Facilities. Surveillance is limited to the Revo Fitness Facility entry and floor areas only. By signing this Membership Agreement, you acknowledge that when accessing a Revo Fitness Facility you will be subject to video and audio surveillance and consent to such surveillance being taken and held by Revo Fitness.
Surveillance. The client makes all arrangements for the conduct of the evaluation and surveillance, including provision of personnel, examining of documentation and records, access to the relevant resources, client’s subcontractors, location, and equipment. Vista Laboratories must carry out post market surveillance activity per the certification scheme, which determines if products certified by Vista Labs continues to comply with regulatory standards and rules, as well as Vista Labs terms and conditions. This is mandatory per FCC KDB 610077. Samples may be requested at any time by Vista Labs. The client agrees to provide Vista Labs a complete production product sample(s) with user’s guide at client’s expense. The number of samples is to be determined by Vista Laboratories. The samples will not be returned unless specifically requested by the applicant and all return costs to be paid by applicant. There are no additional fees for the applicant associated with post-market surveillance testing. Please make provision to have production samples available for at least one year after the last production date. If a product fails to comply with the applicable requirements during an audit conducted by the Vista Labs, Vista Labs shall immediately notify the certificate holder and the ISED Bureau. The information submitted to the Bureau shall include a copy of the certificate that was issued for the subject equipment. As an A2LA accredited certification body, the client commits to providing, on request, access to A2LA assessment teams to assess the certification body’s performance of certification activities at the client site.
Surveillance. The use of eavesdropping or surveillance methods will not be used for conducting evaluations of ESPs. On school buses, video devices may be used to ensure student safety. The District shall notify the Association regarding the installation/use of any such equipment to be used for student safety. At no time shall the District use the security cameras in a location where ESPs or students have a reasonable expectation for privacy.