Market Surveillance Sample Clauses

Market Surveillance. 1. The market surveillance authorities of the Member States and the market surveillance authorities of the United Kingdom shall exchange without delay any relevant information collected with regard to the goods referred to in Article 41(1) in the context of their respective market surveillance activities. They shall, in particular, communicate to each other and to the European Commission any information relating to those goods presenting a serious risk, as well as any measures taken in relation to non-compliant goods, including relevant information drawn from networks, information systems and databases established under Union or United Kingdom law in relation to those goods.
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Market Surveillance. The Parties undertake to exchange views on market surveillance and enforcement activities.
Market Surveillance. 1. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to limit the authority of a Regulatory Authority to take all appropriate and immediate measures whenever it ascertains that a product may:
Market Surveillance. 5.1 Where SEHK, in the course of its surveillance of Exchange Participants (in relation to trading and clearing matters) and listed issuers or as a result of complaints or market intelligence, detects unusual market activity (whether of an Exchange Participant, their representative or clients) involving HKEx’s securities which reveals a possible breach of any of the Relevant Ordinances, business rules or conditions of a licence, SEHK will immediately inform the SFC. This clause 5.1 does not require SEHK to undertake surveillance functions or actions which it does not already undertake at the date hereof.
Market Surveillance. (a) exchange views on market surveillance and enforcement activities;
Market Surveillance. According to the present Rules the CB shall also conduct market surveillance. The purpose is to verify that products under Full Licence still complies. Whenever one product is found not complying to the requirements as set in the Licence the penalty fee of 10,000€ per sample of product type will be applied to the Licensee, irrespective of possible legal actions. The Licensee accepts by abiding to these Certification Rules to pay the penalties to the CB and to commit himself to have the non complying delivery be returned at his own cost and to find an arrangement with the retailer whatever the actual chain is.
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Market Surveillance. 6.3 For the purpose of post-market surveillance, the Parties may establish labeling, numbering or marking requirements. The assignment of numbers or affixing of labels or marks may take place in the territory of the exporting Party.
Market Surveillance. The Parties shall notify each other of the authorities established on their territory responsible for carrying out the surveillance tasks involved in the implementation of their legislation as set out in Section I. The Parties shall notify each other of their market surveillance activities within the bodies designated for this purpose.
Market Surveillance. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Exhibit A or the Agreement of which this Exhibit A is a part, Consultant shall not issue any press release or otherwise distribute information regarding the Company without prior approval of the form and content of such information.
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