Membership Agreement definition

Membership Agreement means the duly executed agreement between Trading Facility Provider and the Trading Facility User pursuant to which they accept and are bound by the gas market rules of Trading Facility Provider as may be amended, supplement- ed or replaced from time to time.
Membership Agreement means this membership application form, Club Rules and Privacy Policy, as amended from time to time; and
Membership Agreement means an agreement between a member of the Society which is a body corporate or a Scottish Limited Partnership and the Council in the form of the agreement for the time being prescribed by the Council pursuant to paragraph 7 of the Membership Byelaw (No. 5 of 2005) as a requirement of admission to membership of the Society; ‘‘member’s syndicate premium limit’’ has the meaning given to it in the Definitions Byelaw (No. 7 of 2005);

Examples of Membership Agreement in a sentence

The specific Databases for which such user agreements are required will be indicated by LDC and the terms and provisions of any such User Agreements supersede the terms of the Membership Agreement.

Member represents that it is a not-for-profit corporation and that the individual signing below is duly authorized to sign this Membership Agreement on behalf of the corporation.

These Terms and Conditions of Service (these “Terms”) accompany and supplement the Membership Agreement and constitute the Terms referenced therein (these Terms, the Membership Agreement and all Schedules and Exhibits, collectively, the “Agreement”).

Unless earlier terminated as set forth in Section 7 (below), the initial term of the Agreement shall be for one year, commencing on the effective date of the Membership Agreement (the “Effective Date”) and terminating on the day following the first anniversary of the Effective Date (the “Initial Year”).

Any capitalized term used but not defined herein shall have the meaning given to it in the Membership Agreement.

More Definitions of Membership Agreement

Membership Agreement or “MA” shall mean a certain Membership Agreement, as it may be amended, by and among the Members of CMEEC, and such other future Members who become Members of CMEEC in accordance with the Act and such Membership Agreement.
Membership Agreement means the Project Lead’s agreement with the Supercluster for membership in the Supercluster.
Membership Agreement means the written evidence of coverage of a member under a plan between an organization and members.
Membership Agreement means the agreement between the Clearing Member and HedgeStreet authorizing the Clearing Member to trade on or otherwise provide access to HedgeStreet. The Clearing Member must acknowledge and agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions contained in the Membership Agreement, including, but not limited to the HedgeStreet Rules and any other documentation HedgeStreet may require.
Membership Agreement means the agreement between the Foundation and each Member regarding each such Member’s rights and obligations as a Member.
Membership Agreement means the Elm Road Generating Station Supercritical, LLC Membership Agreement, dated as of April 14, 2003, between Lessor and the Member.
Membership Agreement means the agreement between a Member and the Exchange in accordance with which the Member is authorized to trade on the Trading System or otherwise provided access to the Trading System.