Storage Fee Sample Clauses

Storage Fee. The customer shall pay a storage fee that comprises the following components: • the capacity fee according to § 4 and • the variable fee according to § 5.
Storage Fee. ‌ The Storage Customer shall pay to EWE a Storage Fee for holding available capacities, such fee arises irrespective of the usage of the Storage Service. Storage Service Storage Fee [EUR]
Storage Fee. 3.1. In accordance with the Storage Access Conditions (Annex 1 to this Agreement) and the Storage Specification (Annex 3), the Storage Customer is obliged to pay to the Storage Service Provider for the requested bundled Product described in Article 2 hereof a Storage Fee in EUR consisting of a Fixed Storage Fee and a Variable Storage Fee.
Storage Fee. The customer shall pay a storage fee that comprises the following components:  the capacity fee according to § 4 and  the variable fee according to § 5.
Storage Fee. Theravance will use its commercially reasonable efforts to take delivery of all Products from the Facility as soon as reasonably practicable after Hospira’s release of the Product. A cold storage fee of [***] shall be due and payable to Hospira if Theravance stores Product at the Facility for more than [***] days after the date of Theravance’s Product release. The cold storage fee can be waived in the event of a discrepancy being investigated for the batch(es) under investigation.
Storage Fee. During the Term of this Agreement, the Refining Entity shall pay the Logistics Entity a fee associated with the Tankage initially in the amount of $250,000 per month in exchange for the Logistics Entity making available to the Refining Entity 600,000 barrels of Crude Oil storage capacity in the Tankage (the “Storage Fee”). The Crude Oil storage capacity provided to the Refining Entity may be temporarily reduced by the Logistics Entity (without any adjustment to the Storage Fee) as a result of repairs and/or maintenance on storage tanks that reduce the storage capacity available in the Tankage, so long as the reduced storage capacity will not result in the inability of the Logistics Entity to provide the Minimum Storage Capacity. The amount of the Storage Fee shall be adjusted on July 1 of each Contract Year commencing on July 1, 2013, by an amount equal to the increase or decrease, if any, in the FERC Oil Pipeline Index, provided, however, that the Storage Fee shall not be decreased below the initial Storage Fee provided in this Section 2(c). If the FERC Oil Pipeline Index is no longer published, the Refining Entity and the Logistics Entity shall negotiate in good faith to agree an a new index that gives comparable protection against inflation and the same method of adjustment for increases or decreases in the new index shall be used to calculate increases or decreases in the Storage Fee. If the Refining Entity and the Logistics Entity are unable to agree upon a new index, the new index will be determined by arbitration in accordance with Section 13(i). Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that the Effective Date is any date other than the first day of a calendar month, then the Storage Fee for the initial contract month shall be prorated based upon the number of days remaining in such month.
Storage Fee. Monthly and annual storage fees as of the date of this Agreement are set forth for the duration of at least one (1) year at Storage fees may be changed by Dadi at any time or from time to time with written notice to Client. The storage fee covers the maintenance and storage of the deposit for a one (1) month period (to the extent that you have selected the monthly payment option, for the duration of twelve (12) months minimum) or a one (1) year period (to the extent that you have selected the annual payment option), and it is to be paid in advance of said maintenance and storage. This fee is non-refundable. This Agreement and the storage fee will automatically renew for successive one (1) month (with a minimum of twelve (12) months) or one (1) year periods, as applicable, until, such time that Client agrees to a longer payment term, or until such time that Client provides written notice of his intent to terminate this Agreement. Written notice to terminate this Agreement must be submitted and notarized on Dadi’s official discard form after a one (1) year period, or the Client agrees to pay the outstanding balance, with it being understood and agreed that electronic notarization of the discard form as reasonably acceptable to Dadi shall be sufficient. Upon automatic renewal, service will be billed at the then current monthly or annual storage fee, as applicable. Client has thirty (30) days from the annual or monthly, as applicable, renewal date to notify Dadi of the desire to discard the deposit(s). After thirty (30) days, the annual or monthly storage fee, as applicable, is accrued and will not be pro-rated.
Storage Fee. The storage fee shall be charged for each twelve hour increment after the initial twelve hours following the Contractor’s notification to SPD Records of the vehicle’s impoundment. When the vehicle or combination thereof is more than 20 feet in length, the Contractor may charge an additional Storage Fee for each increment over 20 feet in length.
Storage Fee. Owner shall pay to LLC a storage fee as indicated on Exhibit A. By signing and executing this Agreement and Exhibit A, the parties acknowledge receipt of payment as indicated on Exhibit A.
Storage Fee. The fee for storage for the 20 winter season is $ per square foot of storage space. The square footage shall be calculated by measuring and multiplying overall length and width of the Boat. In the alternative, the overall length and width of the Boat may also be determined by referencing the BUC used boat price guide. No fees shall be charged for the square footage of bowsprits or bow pulpits; however, a $50 charge shall be added in the event the boat has an external swim platform. Haul-out, pressure washing the bottom, and spring launch is included in storage fee.