Under investigation definition

Under investigation means that a site visit has been conducted (if necessary) and research is being undertaken to establish whether a breach of planning control has taken place. This may include the service of a Planning Contravention Notice (PCN).
Under investigation means a report pursuant to this act
Under investigation means any report of maltreatment, made to the Department, for which there is no finding for a period of up to six (6) months after the investigation is initiated.

Examples of Under investigation in a sentence

  • Fraudulent conduct in respect of creditors : Under investigation Second reportThe bankruptcy trustees have started an investigation into the furnishing of security to the Lenders in the years 2013 - 2015.

  • Cause of bankruptcy : Under investigation Second reportDuring the past reporting period, the bankruptcy trustees started the investigation into the causes of the bankruptcy of Royal Imtech and the Imtech group.

  • For the purposes of these regulations: `Appeals Panel' means a panel of the Scheme Governing Board, established for the purpose of hearing appeals against decisions made by the Governing Board, on matters relating to the Scheme.

  • Mismanagement : Under investigation Second report:The bankruptcy trustees have started a causal investigation into the actions of directors and supervisory directors in the 2010 - 2015 period.

  • Under investigation by technical working group for solutions and will track industry trends.

More Definitions of Under investigation

Under investigation. ’ means a plan or person that is being investigated pursuant to ERISA section 504(a) or any criminal statute involving a transaction which affects an employee benefit plan. A plan that is Under Investigation by PWBA includes any plan for which a Plan Official, or a plan representative, has received oral or written notification from PWBA of a PWBA investigation of the plan. A plan is not considered to be Under Investigation by PWBA merely because PWBA staff have contacted a Plan Official or representative in connection with a participant complaint, unless the participant complaint concerns the transaction described in the application. A plan also is not considered to be Under Investigation where it is undergoing a work paper review by PWBA’s Office of the Chief Accountant under the authority of ERISA section 504(a).
Under investigation means the status of a registrant when the Sex Offender Registry Unit has received information alleging that:
Under investigation means where there is a suspicion of serious tax fraud and the person has been formally notified by HMRC that an investigation has commenced, or where the person has been arrested for a criminal tax offence.
Under investigation or "under interrogation" means any situation in which any police officer or firefighter becomes the focus of inquiry regarding any matter which may result in punitive action.
Under investigation or "under interrogation" means any
Under investigation means an investigation being conducted by APD Internal Affairs, the CPOA, or any state or federal agency for alleged criminal violations or violations of civil or Constitutional rights; or is under investigation by the NMLEA.
Under investigation means a child abuse report pursuant to this Policy which is being investigated to determine whether it is “founded,” “indicated” or “unfounded.”