Special provisions for Sample Clauses

Special provisions for participants who work part time For a participant who works part-time and has maintained her coverage under the long-term disability insurance plan during a temporary leave, the premium is based on her salary, calculated pro rata to the time paid compared with a full-time schedule during the 12 weeks preceding the start of the temporary leave, during which no period of disability, parental leave, leave without pay, annual vacation or union leave has been authorized. Should a participant who works part time become disabled during such a period, the benefits payable are based on her annualized salary on the day the waiting period ends, multiplied by the percentage of her time actually paid compared with a full-time schedule during the 12 weeks preceding the start of her temporary leave, during which no period of disability, parental leave or leave without pay has been authorized (minimum salary of $12,000).
Special provisions for coop Should you wish to register a domain name under the .coop TLD in addition to the above terms and conditions, you agree to be bound by the following specific terms and conditions. In case of conflict, the terms and conditions established in this provision 19 shall prevail when registering a domain name under the .coop TLD.
Special provisions for. US Domain Registrations: the Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless Paladin Computers and Enom Corp., and its directors, officers, employees, representatives and agents from and against any and all claims, suits, actions, other proceedings, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses of any kind, including without limitation reasonable legal fees and expenses, arising out of or relating to the Customer's .US domain name registration and use of any .US registered domain name. The Customer certifies that they meet the following requirements to qualify to register to use a .US domain name:
Special provisions for. Santa Fe River Channel Improvements, Phase 3a: Boulder Grade Control Reconstruction - CIP #500B Special Provisions The Special Provisions listed herein modify the New Mexico Department of Transportation Standard Specification for the City of Santa Fe Projects. SPECIAL PROVISIONS Page Section 103 Award and Execution of Contract E-19 NEW MEXICO DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION SPECIAL PROVISIONS MODIFYING SECTION 103 AWARD AND EXECUTION OF CONTRACT All provisions of SECTION 103 – AWARD AND EXECUTION OF CONTRACT of the New Mexico Department of Transportation's Standard Specifications shall apply except as modified herein:
Special provisions for. PERSONS OF AGE 65 AND OVER -------------------------- The person's choice to be covered by the Board for the BASIC PRESCRIPTION DRUG INSURANCE PLAN is irrevocable. For the purpose of the present plan, persons of age 65 and over are presumed to be covered with the Board for the BASIC PRESCRIPTION DRUG INSURANCE PLAN, as well as dependents of a participant who is 65 years of age or over, regardless of their age, unless otherwise specified in the present plan. For any person aged 65 and over, who is eligible for insurance and who chooses to be insured for the part of coverage corresponding to the BASIC PRESCRIPTION DRUG INSURANCE PLAN under the present plan, this benefit provides no termination with regard to the participant's age or the dependent's age. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPLEMENTAL HEALTH INSURANCE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All provisions related to, "drugs or medicine" of the Supplemental Health Insurance benefit remain in force, except for that part of coverage corresponding to the BASIC PRESCRIPTION DRUG INSURANCE PLAN, described hereafter. PART OF COVERAGE CORRESPONDING TO --------------------------------- THE BASIC PRESCRIPTION DRUG INSURANCE PLAN ------------------------------------------

Related to Special provisions for

  • Special Provisions LTIP Units shall be subject to the following special provisions:

  • Special Provisions Applicable to LIBOR Rate (i) The LIBOR Rate may be adjusted by Agent with respect to any Lender on a prospective basis to take into account any additional or increased costs to such Lender of maintaining or obtaining any eurodollar deposits or increased costs due to changes in applicable law occurring subsequent to the commencement of the then applicable Interest Period, including changes in tax laws (except changes of general applicability in corporate income tax laws) and changes in the reserve requirements imposed by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (or any successor), excluding the Reserve Percentage, which additional or increased costs would increase the cost of funding loans bearing interest at the LIBOR Rate. In any such event, the affected Lender shall give Administrative Borrower and Agent notice of such a determination and adjustment and Agent promptly shall transmit the notice to each other Lender and, upon its receipt of the notice from the affected Lender, Administrative Borrower may, by notice to such affected Lender (y) require such Lender to furnish to Administrative Borrower a statement setting forth the basis for adjusting such LIBOR Rate and the method for determining the amount of such adjustment, or (z) repay the LIBOR Rate Loans with respect to which such adjustment is made (together with any amounts due under clause (b)(ii) above).

  • SPECIAL PROVISION The failure of the COUNTY to insist upon the strict performance of any provision of this Agreement or to exercise any right based upon breach thereof or the acceptance of any performance during such breach shall not constitute a waiver of any right under this Agreement.

  • Financial Provisions Any cooperative activities envisaged or undertaken under this Agreement shall be subject to the availability of resources and to the laws, regulations and policies of the Parties. Costs of cooperative activities shall be borne in such manner as may be mutually determined from time to time between the Parties.

  • Special Provisions for Affected Systems For the re-payment of amounts advanced to Affected System Operator for System Upgrade Facilities or System Deliverability Upgrades, the Developer and Affected System Operator shall enter into an agreement that provides for such re-payment, but only if responsibility for the cost of such System Upgrade Facilities or System Deliverability Upgrades is not to be allocated in accordance with Attachment S to the NYISO OATT. The agreement shall specify the terms governing payments to be made by the Developer to the Affected System Operator as well as the re-payment by the Affected System Operator.

  • Special Provisions Governing LIBOR Loans Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement to the contrary, the following provisions shall govern with respect to LIBOR Loans as to the matters covered:

  • Supplemental Provisions for Resecuritization This Agreement may be supplemented by means of the addition of a separate Article hereto (a "Supplemental Article") for the purpose of resecuritizing any of the Certificates issued hereunder, under the following circumstances. With respect to any Class or Classes of Certificates issued hereunder, or any portion of any such Class, as to which the Company or any of its Affiliates (or any designee thereof) is the registered Holder (the "Resecuritized Certificates"), the Company may deposit such Resecuritized Certificates into a new REMIC, grantor trust, FASIT or custodial arrangement (a "Restructuring Vehicle") to be held by the Trustee pursuant to a Supplemental Article. The instrument adopting such Supplemental Article shall be executed by the Company, the Master Servicer and the Trustee; provided, that neither the Master Servicer nor the Trustee shall withhold their consent thereto if their respective interests would not be materially adversely affected thereby. To the extent that the terms of the Supplemental Article do not in any way affect any provisions of this Agreement as to any of the Certificates initially issued hereunder, the adoption of the Supplemental Article shall not constitute an "amendment" of this Agreement. Each Supplemental Article shall set forth all necessary provisions relating to the holding of the Resecuritized Certificates by the Trustee, the establishment of the Restructuring Vehicle, the issuing of various classes of new certificates by the Restructuring Vehicle and the distributions to be made thereon, and any other provisions necessary for the purposes thereof. In connection with each Supplemental Article, the Company shall deliver to the Trustee an Opinion of Counsel to the effect that (i) the Restructuring Vehicle will qualify as a REMIC, grantor trust, FASIT or other entity not subject to taxation for federal income tax purposes and (ii) the adoption of the Supplemental Article will not endanger the status of the Trust Fund as a REMIC or (subject to Section 10.01(f)) result in the imposition of a tax upon the Trust Fund (including but not limited to the tax on prohibited transactions as defined in Section 860F(a)(2) of the Code and the tax on contributions to a REMIC as set forth in Section 860G(d) of the Code).

  • Initial Provisions Article 1

  • General Provisions Applicable to Loans AND LETTERS OF CREDIT ---------------------

  • General provisions applicable to payments The holder of a Global Note shall be the only person entitled to receive payments in respect of Notes represented by such Global Note and the Issuer will be discharged by payment to, or to the order of, the holder of such Global Note in respect of each amount so paid. Each of the persons shown in the records of Euroclear or Clearstream, Luxembourg as the beneficial holder of a particular nominal amount of Notes represented by such Global Note must look solely to Euroclear or Clearstream, Luxembourg, as the case may be, for his share of each payment so made by the Issuer to, or to the order of, the holder of such Global Note. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this Condition, if any amount of principal and/or interest in respect of Notes is payable in U.S. dollars, such U.S. dollar payments of principal and/or interest in respect of such Notes will be made at the specified office of a Paying Agent in the United States if: