Santa Fe definition

Santa Fe means Santa Fe Station, Inc.
Santa Fe means Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, Inc., a New Mexico corporation.
Santa Fe means Santa Fe Gold Corp., a corporation incorporated and existing under the laws of the State of Delaware;

Examples of Santa Fe in a sentence

  • It has been accepted for inclusion in Santa Fe New Mexican, 1883-1913 by an authorized administrator of UNM Digital Repository.

  • A temporary location or movable property, or one that is established to oversee a City of Santa Fe project does not qualify as a Principal office.

  • A local business is an entity with its Principal office and place of business located in Santa Fe County.A Principal office is defined as: The main or home office of the business as identified in tax returns, business licenses and other official business documents.

  • By signing this City of Santa Fe bid or proposal, the vendor agrees to comply with the Presidents Executive Order No. 11246 as amended.

  • Any business which must be registered under state law must be able to show that it is a business entity in good standing if so requested.LOCAL PREFERENCE CERTIFICATION FORM RFP/RFB NO: Business Name: Principal Office: Street Address City State Zip Code City of Santa Fe Business License # (Attach Copy to this Form) Date Principal Office was established: (Established date must be six months before date of Publication of this RFP or RFB).

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Santa Fe. SANTA FE ENERGY RESOURCES, INC. By: ----------------------------------- Name: --------------------------------- Title: -------------------------------- Monterey: MONTEREY RESOURCES, INC. By: ---------------------------------- Name: --------------------------------- Title: -------------------------------- Exhibit A - Assumed Liabilities Exhibit B - Businesses Exhibit C - Excluded Assets Exhibit D - Surface Interests, Leasehold Interests, Mineral Interests, and Other Rights and Interests Exhibit E - Contracts Exhibit F - Certain Intangible Property Rights Exhibit G - Insurance Policies Exhibit H - Retained Liabilities Exhibit I - Reservation of Production-Payment Interest ASSUMED LIABILITIES
Santa Fe s general partnership interest in the South Belridge Limited Partnership, a Texas limited partnership, formed under Agreement of Limited Partnership dated October 31, 1990. INSURANCE POLICIES [Attached behind this page.]
Santa Fe means Santa Fe Energy Resources, Inc., a Delaware corporation and a predecessor to the Company.
Santa Fe means Santa Fe University of Art and Design.
Santa Fe has the meaning ascribed thereto in the Preamble;
Santa Fe means Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company.
Santa Fe means Santa Fe Pacific Corporation.