Sourcing Sample Clauses

Sourcing. Seller reserves the right to source all or a portion of the Goods or Services from third parties. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Seller may share with any of its third parties sources any drawings, schematics, plans, or other information necessary to provide the Goods or Services to Buyer. Seller shall have no responsibility for meeting Buyer’s country-of-origin product content requirements (if any) unless Seller is apprised in writing of such requirement at the time Buyer places its order with Seller.
Sourcing. [Insert here a description the sourcing activity that was performed.]
Sourcing. From the date of this Agreement until the earlier of (i) the date of termination of this Agreement and (ii) the Effective Time, the Company will not, and will cause of each of its Subsidiaries not to, commit or agree to purchase any apparel finished goods, or place any orders to have apparel finished goods manufactured on the Company’s behalf, unless (A) such commitment or agreement to purchase or order has been approved by Purchaser or (B) the Company has indicated its intent to make such commitment or agreement or order (with reasonable detail of the terms thereof, including the type of goods, number of units, price per unit and payment terms) to Purchaser (a “Sourcing Indication”), and the Company has not received a Qualified Sourcing Proposal from Purchaser prior to the Counter Sourcing Expiration Date with respect to such Sourcing Indication.
Sourcing. Clear path to sourcing for first large scale manufacturing facility.
Sourcing. The Company acknowledges the desirability of staffing operations with Bargaining Unit employees and affirms its intent to do so. In the event the Company has the opportunity to perform work requested by our customer that the Company would otherwise not be able to accomplish while maintaining consistency of service throughout the project, the Company will meet with the Bargaining Unit to discuss options that would allow the Bargaining Unit to contain such work prior to any final business decision being made. In the event the Company has an opportunity for new work of a continuous nature the Company and Union will jointly establish a temporary rate of pay for no longer that a thirty
Sourcing. During the Term, Supplier will present to Buyer all Lot development opportunities that Supplier desires to acquire and develop that have been approved or conditionally approved by the Company’s Investment Committee (as that term is defined in the Stockholder’s Agreement), excluding any Excluded Opportunities (a “Supplier Sourced Opportunity”), and Buyer shall have the right, but not the obligation, to present Supplier with Lot development opportunities that Buyer desires to acquire for development (if presented to Supplier, a “Buyer Sourced Opportunity”). Unless the Parties agree otherwise, this Agreement will not govern, and Buyer will not have any rights with respect to (a) any opportunities, developments or ventures owned, under contract, the subject of a letter of intent or otherwise being pursued, by Supplier, as of the Effective Time, or (b) any opportunities presented to Supplier by a third-party builder (individually, an “Excluded Opportunity”, and collectively, the “Excluded Opportunities”).
Sourcing. All food products, beverages, supplies, and FF&E (excluding computer terminals, hardware, software, and related equipment for the property management and reservation systems) used at or in the Hotel may be purchased from any source, provided such products meet the specifications provided for in the Manual. Computer terminals, hardware, software and related equipment for the property management and reservations systems shall be purchased only from sources designated or approved by Franchisor. Notwithstanding the above, Franchisee acknowledges that Franchisor may specify a particular model or brand of FF&E or other items for System Hotels that may be available from only one manufacturer or supplier. Additionally, Franchisor may at any time, in its discretion, specify that certain food products, beverages, FF&E, and supplies be purchased only from designated or approved sources which have demonstrated, to the reasonable satisfaction of Franchisor, the ability to meet Franchisor’s standards and specifications for those items. If Franchisor has designated or approved suppliers for any items, then prior to purchasing or leasing any such item from a source which has not been previously approved by Franchisor, Franchisee shall submit to Franchisor a written request for such approval, or shall request the source itself to do so. Franchisor may require, as a condition of its approval, (i) that the source present satisfactory evidence of insurance protecting Franchisor and its franchisees against any and all claims arising from the use of such item by System franchisees, and (ii) that samples of the item be delivered by the source, at Franchisor’s option and at no cost to Franchisor, to Franchisor or its designee for inspection. A charge not to exceed the cost of such inspection shall be paid to Franchisor by Franchisee or by the source seeking approval, and Franchisor shall not be liable for damage to any sample. Franchisor reserves the right, at its option, to revoke its approval as to future purchases if a source fails to continue to meet Franchisor’s standards.
Sourcing. GIO is subcontracting the actual mining to a well-known experienced mining company. • GIO is subcontracting the trucking from the Gaoual property to the railhead of the Boke rail owned and operated by ANAIM to a qualified transportation/trucking company • GIO is shipping the ore from Sangaredi per Guinea National railway, operated by ANAIM, to the port of Kamsar for loading in ocean vessels; or alternatively trucking directly to the loading facility at Kamsar Port.