Number of Units definition

Number of Units means the number of Generating Units in the Facility described in Exhibit A.
Number of Units means for each Order Form the entitlement to the Software and for multiple Order Forms, collectively, the cumulative entitlement to each of the Software as designated and/or defined in applicable Order Forms, and including, if applicable, the current number of deployed Units as reported by Customer upon expiration of a Project or Enterprise Term.
Number of Units means the number of Generation Units in the Facility as specified in Exhibit A.

Examples of Number of Units in a sentence

  • Rents in both sets would be covered by federal rules, not municipal (Table 2).11 Exemptions - Number of Units in PropertyIn addition to the exemptions discussed above, many municipalities exempt units based on the number of units in a property.

  • The scope of use applicable to the Software, including the License Type, Software Use Restrictions including the Number of Units and Installation Location, license term (if applicable), and any additional or different license terms which apply, will be specified in the applicable Schedule.

  • Number of Units VACANCY RATE – All developments must be able to underwrite with a vacancy rate between 6% and 8%.

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Number of Units. Class A Units: 1,200,000 (Unit Principal Balance of $25 each) Class B Units: 4,802 (Initial Notional Amortizing Balance of $1,000 each)
Number of Units means, for each Order, the license entitlement under the applicable license model for each Product, and for multiple Orders, collectively, the cumulative entitlement to each.
Number of Units. A minimum of 500,000 Units (aggregate gross proceeds of $2,125,000) and a maximum of 900,000 Units (gross proceeds of $3,825,000). Offering Price (Per Unit): $4.25 per Unit. Minimum Subscription: $100,000, or greater if required by local law. Use of Proceeds: Working capital and general corporate purposes, and acquisitions yet to be identified.
Number of Units means the Number of Units as specified in § 1 (Product Data) of Part B (Product and Reference Asset Data).
Number of Units. 207 Units Average Unit Size: 748 Square Feet Vacancy: 98% Year Built: 1986 Construction Type: Masonry, Average Cost, Average Condition Recreation Facilities: Clubhouse with Fitness Facility, Swimming Pool & Spa, Racquet Ball and Laundry Features: Standard Kitchen Appliance, Washer/Dryer Connections, Fireplaces & Covered Parking Rent Schedule: No. Unit Unit Units Type Size Rent/Month Rent/Sq.Ft.
Number of Units means the provider billed for an incorrect number of units for a particular service billed.