Investment Committee definition

Investment Committee or "committee" means an investment committee established under subsection (1).

Examples of Investment Committee in a sentence

  • Recently, the North Carolina Department of Commerce put that to bed by issuing guidance on remote workers – guidance that provides flexibility and certainty to current JDIG grantees and companies that may seek one in the future.In May 2022, the Economic Investment Committee (EIC), the governing board of the JDIG program, formally adopted JDIG guidance regarding remote and partially-remote workers.

  • Co-Investments – A report on any acquisition or disposition will be presented to the Investment Committee as soon as practical after the transaction is completed.

  • Where the portfolio is not rebalanced within 30 Days, justification for the same shall be placed before the Investment Committee and reasons for the same shall be recorded in writing.

  • During the 2006 Asset Liability Study, the Investment Committee approved a shift to a long- term plan of 80 percent equity and 20 percent stable assets to optimize the likelihood of success in meeting the investment goals listed at the beginning of the policy.

  • The expected return is calculated by the Consilium Investment Committee and is gross of all fees and tax.

More Definitions of Investment Committee

Investment Committee means the Pension Investment Review Committee appointed pursuant to Section 12.02 which is responsible for the control and management of the Investment Funds.
Investment Committee means the same as the term used in the Investment Policy.
Investment Committee shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2(k) of this Agreement.
Investment Committee means the Manager's investment committee that will oversee the Company's acquisition and financing strategies as well as compliance with the Company's investment guidelines.
Investment Committee shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.2(a).