Investment Committee definition

Investment Committee means the committee in charge of investment aspects of the Plan, as described in Article VII.
Investment Committee or "committee" means an investment committee established under subsection (1).
Investment Committee means the Manager’s investment committee that will oversee, advise and consult with respect to the Company’s investment strategy, acquisition of Assets, sourcing, financing and leveraging strategies and compliance with the Company’s Guidelines.

Examples of Investment Committee in a sentence

  • Prior to such meeting, and where relevant, the Public Funds Committee shall liaise with the Investment Committee and/or the Celtic Freeport Board to acquire such further information relating to the matter giving rise to the Deadlock as may be reasonably required to try and resolve the Deadlock.

More Definitions of Investment Committee

Investment Committee means the Pension Investment Review Committee appointed pursuant to Section 12.02 which is responsible for the control and management of the Investment Funds.
Investment Committee means a committee directed by the Board to oversee Client’s investment activities.
Investment Committee means a committee, which may be established to direct the Trustee with respect to investments of the Fund.
Investment Committee means the investment committee of the Board.
Investment Committee means, as applicable, the investment committee established by GRS or PFRS for the purpose of making recommendations to, and approving certain actions by, the respective Retirement System's board of trustees or making determinations and taking action under, and with respect to certain matters described in, the State Contribution Agreement.
Investment Committee means the same as the term used in the Investment Policy.
Investment Committee shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2(k) of this Agreement.