Soils Sample Clauses

Soils. Purchaser acknowledges that soils within the State of Colorado consist of both expansive soils and low-density soils, and certain areas contain potential heaving bedrock associated with expansive, steeply dipping bedrock, which will adversely affect the integrity of a dwelling unit constructed on a Lot if the dwelling unit and the Lot on which it is constructed are not properly maintained. Expansive soils contain clay mineral, which have the characteristic of changing volume with the addition or subtraction of moisture, thereby resulting in swelling and/or shrinking soils. The addition of moisture to low-density soils causes a realignment of soil grains, thereby resulting in consolidation and/or collapse of the soils. Purchaser agrees that it shall obtain a current geotechnical report for the Property and an individual lot soils report for each Lot containing design recommendations from a licensed geotechnical engineer for all structures to be placed upon the Lot. Purchaser shall require all homes to have engineered footing and foundations consistent with results of the individual lot soils report for each Lot and shall take reasonable action as shall be necessary to ensure that the homes to be constructed upon the Lots shall be done in accordance with proper design and construction techniques. Purchaser shall also provide a copy of the geotechnical report for the Property and the individual lot soils report for each Lot to Seller within seven (7) days after Seller’s request for the same, and agrees in the event that this Contract terminates for any reason Purchaser shall use reasonable efforts to assign, without liability or recourse to Purchaser, at Seller’s request, the geotechnical report for the Property and the individual lot soils report for each Lot to any subsequent homebuilder who enters into a purchase and sale agreement with Seller to purchase all of a portion of the Lots. SELLER HAS MADE NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, CONCERNING THE PRESENCE OR ABSENCE OF EXPANSIVE SOILS, LOW-DENSITY SOILS OR DIPPING BEDROCK UPON THE PROPERTY AND PURCHASER SHALL UNDERTAKE SUCH INVESTIGATION AS SHALL BE REASONABLE AND PRUDENT TO DETERMINE THE EXISTENCE OF THE SAME. Purchaser shall provide all disclosures required by C.R.S. Section 6-6.5-101 in every home sales contract entered in to by Purchaser with respect to subsequent sales of a Lot to a homebuyer. Purchaser, on behalf of itself and its successors and assigns, hereby releases the Sell...
Soils. The removal, excavation, disturbance, or dredging of soil, sand, peat, gravel, or aggregate material of any kind; or any change in the topography of the land, including any discharges of dredged or fill material, ditching, extraction, drilling, driving of piles, mining, or excavation of any kind;
Soils. Lessee shall follow the “double ditchconstruction method for pipeline construction outside of a paved roadway, segregating top soil removed, and replacing top soil above sub-soils. Lessee shall implement measures to avoid re-deposited topsoil being compacted to any degree greater than existed prior to construction. Lessee will reseed or resod, as applicable, the Project Area, and replace shrubs and other plantings so that, upon completion of construction, the Lease Area has an appearance and contains plantings similar to those that existed prior to construction, to the degree reasonably practicable.
Soils. When requested and reasonably required, the DISTRICT shall furnish the services of geotechnical engineers or consultants when such services are reasonably required and deemed necessary by ARCHITECT or as required by local or state codes. Such services may include test borings, test pits, soil bearing values, percolation tests, air and water pollution tests, ground corrosion and resistivity tests, including necessary operations of determining subsoil, air and water conditions, with reports and appropriate professional recommendations, or as may be recommended by ARCHITECT.
Soils. Lender shall have received and approved a soils and geotechnical report prepared by a licensed engineer acceptable to Lender certifying in a manner satisfactory to Lender the adequacy of the subsoils and the foundation design of the Homes. Lender shall have also received and approved a grading plan, to the extent applicable, including any plans for soil remediation or satisfaction of any other recommendations set forth in the soils and geotechnical report.
Soils. INVESTIGATIONS When a soils investigation report for the Project is known to MTS, such report shall be attached to these Specifications. Any information obtained from such report as to subsurface soil conditions is approximate only and is not guaranteed. Contractor acknowledges that such report was prepared for purposes of information only and Contractor is required to examine the site before submitting its bid and must conduct whatever measures it deems appropriate to determine the underground condition of the soil.
Soils. Soils in the project area are mapped by the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Soil Survey as the Xxxxxx Loam map unit. This unit is composed of 85% Xxxxxx Series and 10% minor components. The minor components are specified as the San Ysidro Series. Xxxxxx Series soils are found on nearly level low terraces and in valley plains with slightly irregular or hummocky surface at elevation of less than 100 feet. The soils formed in mixed, moderately fine textured, sedimentary alluvium. Soils in the Xxxxxx Series are somewhat poorly drained, exhibit very slow or slow runoff, and have very slow permeability. Of note, the B horizon in the Xxxxxx Series, starting around 9 inches and extending down to 21 inches, is a clay loam that is considered extremely hard, firm, sticky, and plastic with very few fine roots. (NRCS 2012a). Figure 3 shows the extent of the Xxxxxx Loam map unit in the vicinity of the Project Study Area.
Soils. Buyer has made or, prior to the construction of any improvements on the Property, will make its own tests to ascertain the amount and extent of the present fill and/or any subsurface or soil condition upon or in connection with the Property and Seller shall have no liability because of or resulting from any fill or any subsurface or soil condition upon or in connection with the Property, including without limitation subsurface geologic or ground water conditions.