Shielding Sample Clauses

Shielding. 2. Packaging;
Shielding a radiation protection shield (concrete or steel) designed to protect operators from ionizing energy and meet OSHA and state regulatory requirements. The shield is designed to provide protection from ionizing radiation generated from the interaction of the beam and material. The design requirements for the system require that radiation measurementslevels in the load and unload areas be < 20 mSv per 2000 hoursyear,; and in areas such as the Equipment Room the levels can be < 20 mSv per 400 hours. Access to the beam area is strictly prohibited because the radiation level exceeds 3 mSv per hour. The shield can be designed as an external building. EXHIBIT B INTEGRATION SERVICES AND SERVICE LEVELS Site Construction [add descriptions of the services to be delivered in each area] Equipment installationSeller shall complete the installation of equipment as defined in the Statement of Work. Hookup of equipment to utilities furnished by Buyer or its customers. System integration and performance testing — the following tasks shall be performed during system integration: - Installation and operation of the equipment as a total system - Interfacing major sub-systems (controls, accelerator, material handling, safety, and utilities) - Testing of all normal and error conditions - Set all operating parameters and high / low limits - Verify operating performance (energy, power, speeds, etc.) Validation of System to Statement of Work requirements - Installation qualification shall be performed as defined in ISO-11137 - Irradiator dose mapping shall be performed as defined in ISO-11137 - Certification - Validation activities shall be performed to ISO-11137, FDA guidelines, and Seller’s Software Development Procedure, latest version System acceptance test & installation qualification — as part of the system validation and installation qualification, the following system acceptance test will be performed: - Demonstration of key system functionality (start-up, shutdown, product input, irradiation processing, and output processing). Criteria for success = meet requirements for major functionality - Demonstration of the safety system to Seller test procedures. Criteria for success = meet requirements for all safety test procedures - Perform radiation survey. Criteria for success = meet OSHA and State protection levels - Completion of the IQ and OQ tests - Demonstration of the system reliability. Criteria for success = 95% uptime under normal operating conditions (no induced err...
Shielding. 7. Generation of internal pressure;
Shielding. Except where a conflict with single-point shield grounding guidelines would be created, shielding on wire or cable shall be grounded to the chassis or frame. The shielding shall be secured to prevent it from contacting exposed current-carrying parts or grounding to the chassis or frame at any point other than the ground termination. The shielding shall end at a sufficient distance from exposed conductors to prevent shorting or arcing between the conductor and the shielding.
Shielding. All luminaires mounted on or recessed into the lower surface of service station canopies shall be fully shielded and utilize flat lenses.
Shielding. All wiring that requires shielding shall meet the following minimum requirements. A shield shall be generated by connecting to a ground, which is sourced from a power distribution bus bar or chassis. A shield shall be connected at one location only, typically at one end of the cable. However certain standards or special requirements, such as SAE J1939 or RF applications, have separate shielding techniques that shall also be used as applicable. Note: A shield grounded at both end forms a ground loop, which can cause intermittent control or faults. When using shielded or coaxial cable, upon stripping of the insulation, the metallic braid shall be free from frayed strands, which can penetrate the insulation of the inner wires. To prevent the introduction of noise, the shield shall not be connected to the common side of a logic circuit.
Shielding. Landlord may specify the method of shielding the Equipment from view, or other decorative architectural features required to make the Equipment aesthetically acceptable to Landlord in its reasonable discretion, and Tenant shall submit to Landlord any plans for Landlord’s prior written approval (which shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed), including the aesthetic shielding noted above.

Related to Shielding

  • Welding Welding and use of cutting torches or cutoff saws will be permitted only in areas that have been cleared or are free of all material capable of carrying fire. Flammable debris and vegetation must be removed from within a minimum 10-foot radius of all welding and cutting operations. A shovel and a 5-gallon standard backpack water container filled and with handpump attached shall be immediately available for use in the event of a fire start. C8.212 – MARKET-RELATED CONTRACT TERM ADDITION (11/08). The term of this contract may be adjusted when a drastic reduction in wood product prices has occurred in accordance with 36 CFR 223.52. The Producer Price Index used to determine when a drastic reduction in price has occurred is stated in A20. Purchaser will be notified whenever the Chief determines that a drastic reduction in wood product prices has occurred. If the drastic reduction criteria specified in 36 CFR 223.52 are met for 2 consecutive calendar quarters, after contract award date, Contracting Officer will add 1 year to the contract term, upon Purchaser’s written request. For each additional consecutive quarter such a drastic reduction occurs, Contracting Officer will, upon written request, add an additional 3 months to the term during Normal Operating Season, except that no single 3-month addition shall extend the term of the contract by more than one year. Contracting Officer must receive Purchaser’s written request for a market-related contract term addition before the expiration of this contract. No more than 3 years shall be added to a contract's term by market-related contract term addition unless the following conditions are met:

  • Blasting Blasting shall be permitted only for road construction purposes unless advance permission is obtained from Forest Service. Whenever the Industrial Fire Precaution Level is II or greater, a fire security person equipped with a long handled round point No. 0 or larger shovel and a 5 gallon backpack pump can filled with water, will stay at location of blast for 1 hour after blasting is done. Blasting may be suspended by Forest Service, in areas of high rate of spread and resistance to control. Fuses shall not be used for blasting. Explosive cords shall not be used without permission of Forest Service, which may specify conditions under which such explosives may be used and precautions to be taken.

  • Scaling “Scaling,” as used herein, involves:

  • KITCHEN The kitchen is for warming purposes only. It is equipped with commercial freezer and refrigerator, two large microwaves, and deep sinks for clean-up. Please remember that if warm drinks are put in the refrigerator, it may take a long time for the drinks to get cold. The Xxxxxxx Park District does not provide catering.

  • FLOORING Developer shall provide carpeted flooring with non-static flooring in server 23 room.

  • Moonlighting 1. No employee covered by this Agreement shall hold an active C17 or work on his/her own behalf as a self-employed individual after his regular hours of employment, or on Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays and designated days off on any work covered by the jurisdiction of this Agreement.

  • GLASS The Tenant shall maintain the glass part of the demised premises, promptly replacing any breakage and fully saving the Landlord harmless from any loss, cost or damage resulting from such breakage or the replacement thereof.

  • FABRICATION Making up data or results and recording or reporting them.

  • Generelt A. Apple-programvaren, og eventuell tredjeparts programvare, dokumentasjon, grensesnitt, innhold, fonter og alle data som følger med denne lisensen, uansett om materialet befinner seg i ROM, på et hvilket som helst annet medium eller i en hvilken som helst annen form (samlet kalt «Apple- programvaren»), er lisensiert, ikke solgt, til deg av Apple Inc. («Apple») og må kun brukes i samsvar med vilkårene i denne lisensen. Apple og/eller Apples lisensgivere beholder eierskapet til Apple-programvaren og forbeholder seg alle rettigheter som ikke uttrykkelig overføres til deg.

  • MASONRY 4.1 Storm Shelter Area/Tornado Protection: In new building construction, provide lateral and vertical bracing in the walls around the employee toilet rooms. DIVISION 5 – METALS