Flooring definition

Flooring. The Building Shell floor shall be exposed concrete. Building Shell construction includes flooring within the Common Area. Floor preparation and finishes within the demised space are tenant improvement work. PAINTING: Building Shell construction includes painting within the Common Area and painting of the exterior side of exterior walls. The interior side of exterior walls shall be finished as part of tenant improvement work. WINDOW COVERINGS: Window coverings, if required, are tenant improvement work. PLUMBING: One minimum 4” diameter sanitary sewer waste line shall be installed under floor running the entire length of the Building Shell. Building Shell work also includes one minimum 1!4” insulated overhead copper water line, installed below the roof structure directly above the sanitary sewer, and construction of Common Area toilet facilities. All other plumbing work, including water, waste, and vent piping and furnishing and installation of plumbing fixtures within the demised space, is tenant improvement work. Air piping, gas piping, process piping, and other special piping if required, are part of tenant improvement work. At Landlord’s sole discretion, tenant improvement work shall include furnishing and installation of a private water sub- meter with a remote reader to be located within the building Common Area electrical room. abscicor HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING: Building Shell includes necessary improvements to bring natural gas to a manifold location within two feet of the exterior building wall, with gas piping stubbed into the building and run overhead into the tenant space. Building Shell work includes complete HVAC systems and gas piping for the Common Area only. All other HVAC and gas piping systems are part of tenant improvement work.
Flooring. Antiskid Ceramic Flooring (size 12 x 12). • Dado: Designer Ceramic Tiles (Size 8 x 12), up to 7’ ft. • Sanitary fittings & water taps: • Shower 01 • Bucket Tap (C.P) 01 • Hot $ Cold Mixer Xxxx 00 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx ● Xxxxx Xxxxx 00 • 00X Xxxxxx Xxxxx 01 • Exhaust point 01

Examples of Flooring in a sentence

  • Flooring of the banking hall of the premises shall be of Doubled charged vitrified tiles and flooring of Record/Stationary Room shall be of Polished Kota stone.

  • MFMA - Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association, Inc.; www.maplefloor.org.

  • Standard Practice for Preparing Concrete Floors to Receive Resilient Flooring.

  • Flooring shall be measured from skirting to skirting and where the wall surface are plastered or provided with Dado, it shall be measured from plaster to plaster or dado to dado.

  • You should ask the owner whether Magnesite Flooring is present and/or seek advice from a Structural Engineer.

More Definitions of Flooring

Flooring means Morning Star Strand Bamboo flooring sold by
Flooring or “Floors” means any QUALITY FLOORING’s laminate flooring purchased by the purchaser.
Flooring or “Floors” means any Urban Oak timber flooring purchased by the purchaser;
Flooring. The Building Standard carpet is a Blueridge Prodigy P371, broadloom, 28 ounce high quality cut and loop, direct glue down carpet offered in a choice of colors. Building Standard 1/8" x 12" x 12" vinyl composition floor may be substituted where resilient floor covering is required. (In lieu of the above Building Standard carpet, Tenant may substitute its own new, commercially reasonable carpeting selection, provided Tenant purchases and delivers same to the construction site in sufficient quantity and in a timely manner at Tenant's sole cost and expense, in which case Tenant shall receive a credit for the unused Building Standard carpet equaling $1.25 per rentable square foot of the Premises. Any delay to the construction or completion of the Initial Alterations caused by such carpeting substitution shall be deemed a Tenant Delay.)
Flooring or “Floors” means any QUALITY FLOORING’s SPC Hybrid flooring purchased by the purchaser.
Flooring or “Floors” means any French Oak Floors timber flooring purchased by the purchaser;