Glass definition

Glass means fixed plain glass and mirrors in or on the Insured’s business premises excluding painting, tinting, embossing or ornamental works on the glass.
Glass means a hard, brittle, usually transparent nonhazardous substance commonly made from sand heated with chemicals. This includes, but is not limited to, whole or crushed materials derived from: clear or colored containers with or without California Redemption Value, flat glass, and automotive glass.

Examples of Glass in a sentence

  • In terms of sectoral performance, Auto Assemblers, Cements, Chemicals, Engineering, Glass & Ceramics, Oil & Gas Marketing Companies, Paper & Board, Power Generation & Distribution, Refinery, Technology, and Textile Composite sectors performed better than the market.

  • R., The Autonomy of the Community Legal Order – Through the Looking Glass.

  • Glass units are to be low “E” insulated either tinted or reflective.

  • Guarantors and SecurityThe following companies provide a guarantee under the First Lien Facilities Agreement: the Borrower, the Company, Frigoinvest Holdings B.V., Frigoglass Romania S.R.L., Frigoglass Eurasia LLC, Frigoglass Jebel Ali FZE, Frigoglass West Africa Limited, Frigoglass Industries Nigeria Limited, Beta Glass Plc., PT Frigoglass Indonesia, 3P Frigoglass S.R.L, Frigoglass Cyprus Limited, Frigoglass Global Limited and Frigoglass East Africa Limited (the "Guarantors").

  • EB0-10 Gauge Glass Connections Gauge glasses and gauge cocks that are not connected directly to a shell or drum of the boiler shall be connected by one of the following methods: 1.

More Definitions of Glass

Glass means ‘Internal Glass’, ‘External Glass’ and ‘Specified Glass
Glass means Goods made out of glass and the components of glass within a JELD-WEN Good, including splashbacks, mirrors, glass components of windows and doors, and glass components of shower screens. This definition of Glass does not include IGU or THS, which have their own separate meaning.
Glass means all products made from silica or sand, or certain ash and limestone, the product being transparent or translucent and being used for packaging or bottling of various materials and all other material commonly known as glass, excluding, however, blue and flat glass commonly known as window glass, and mirror glass and light bulbs.
Glass means unbroken clear, brown or green glass containers. Other colored glass, broken glass and window glass are deemed refuse for the purpose of this ordinance.
Glass. All exposed glass or glass surfaces except windows, including all Lucite, plastic or any transparent materials, including mirrors and entrance doors. High Glass: Glass walls, elevators and partitions with lower edge or upper edge that is at least six feet above the ground. Neat/Clean: Orderly, tidy and free from dirt, stains, dust and debris. Scrubbing (hard surface floors): Cleaning floor surfaces, after sweeping or dust mopping, applying an all-purpose detergent with a mop and then agitating the detergent with a floor scrubber or slow buffing machine, followed by using a mop to rinse the area two or more times with clean water, picking-up residue with a wet-vacuum. Sealing (hard surface floors): After stripping and using a neutral cleaner, two coats of sealant are applied to protect and seal the floor surface.
Glass means External Glass and Internal Glass.
Glass means ‘Internal Glass’, ‘External Glass’ and ‘Specified Glass’