See Exhibit A Sample Clauses

See Exhibit A. 2.1.4 During the design phases, Professional agrees to provide, as part of Basic Services, on-site program and budget verification, development and review workshops necessary or desirable to develop a design, acceptable to Owner and its user groups, which is within Owner’s budget. Such workshop(s) will be conducted with the Construction Manager, representatives of Owner’s user groups, and the University Review Committees with jurisdiction over the Project, and shall utilize the Charrette format. Without limitation of the foregoing, at the Concept Schematic Design, Advanced Schematic Design and Design Development phases, the Professional shall support and attend presentations and shall include drawings, models, renderings, animations, and other tools as necessary to illustrate and convey information on particulars of the design intent. This shall include site plans with building footprint, landscape and tree removal plans, building elevations, “fly-through” digitized renderings, and architectural details as needed. At such presentation the Professional shall also address all issues and concerns previously identified but not yet addressed by the Professional to the University Review Committees’ satisfaction.
See Exhibit A. Statement of Work: 1.1 Interfaces for a list of included interfaces. Customer tasks related to interfaces will start immediately after the initial Xxxxxxxx kickoff meeting. Customer will set up conference calls with Xxxxxxxx and each interface vendor within two weeks of contract signing or one week of kickoff call. Interfaces to and from Xxxxxxxx software are created and tested internally before being available for Customer testing. Customer is responsible for initiating and facilitating the relationship(s) between Xxxxxxxx and the third- party interface vendor(s). Xxxxxxxx software interface specifications must be clearly defined in the Interface One Sheet or Interface Specifications Document. If applicable, each interface will be thoroughly tested by Customer before Go Live. Final System Review Throughout the project, implementation analysts from Xxxxxxxx will schedule sessions with Customer’s Build Team and end users to review any questions or concerns.
See Exhibit A. C) MDE shall inform EDPS and MISD of all available resources potentially available to support the parties’ efforts herein and shall secure any resources available to it that can be devoted to those efforts.
See Exhibit A. This Agreement entered into as of the day and year first written above. OWNER ARCHITECT (Signature) (Signature)
See Exhibit A. 7. For any virtual or in-person placements, the DISTRICT is aware of and informed about the hazards currently known to be associated with the novel coronavirus referred to as “COVID-19”. The DISTRICT is familiar with and informed about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “CDC”) current guidelines regarding COVID-19 as well as applicable federal, state, and local governmental directives regarding COVID-19. The DISTRICT, to the best of its knowledge and belief, is in compliance with those current CDC guidelines and applicable governmental directives. If the current CDC guidelines or applicable government directives are modified, changed or updated, the DISTRICT will take steps to comply with the modified, changed or updated guidelines or directives. If at any time the DISTRICT becomes aware that it is not in compliance with CDC guidelines or an applicable governmental directive, it will notify UNIVERSITY of that fact. (Signature page follows) STATE OF CALIFORNIA Trustees of the California State University BY TITLE Director, Purchasing & Contract Administration California State University, Northridge 00000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Northridge, CA 91330-8231 818/677-2301 818/000-0000 (fax) SCHOOL DISTRICT Oxnard School District BY TITLE Director, Purchasing Oxnard School District 0000 Xxxxx X Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, XX 00000 805/385-1501 805/000-0000 (Fax) SCHOOL DISTRICT CERTIFICATION I, the duly appointed and acting Clerk or Secretary of the Governing Board of the School District listed below, do hereby certify that the following is a true and exact copy of a portion of the Minutes of the regular meeting of said Board held on , 20 . It was moved, seconded and carried that the attached contract with the Trustees of The California State University, whereby the University may assign students to the schools in the School District for practice teaching, be approved; and the is hereby authorized to execute the same.≅ BY Xxxxx, Secretary (strike one) of the Governing Board of The School District CSUN Purchasing & Contract Administration 3/30/05 rev 3.29.22 EXHIBIT A
See Exhibit A. (b) An Unforeseeable Emergency shall not be a Qualifying Distribution Event
See Exhibit A. § 1.1.4 The Owner’s anticipated design and construction milestone dates: .1 Design phase milestone dates, if any: « » .2 Construction commencement date: « » .3 Substantial Completion date or dates: « »
See Exhibit A. Lessee, for and in consideration of this Lease and the demise of the said premises, hereby agrees and covenants with Lessor that neither Lessee nor Lessee's heirs, personal representatives, assigns, or successors in interest shall assign this Lease or sublet the said demised premises, in whole or in part, without first obtaining the written consent of Lessor therefore, that no assignment of this Lease or any subletting of the said demised premises, in whole or in part, shall be valid, except by and with the written consent of Lessor first obtained; that the consent of Lessor to any such assignment or subletting shall not operate to discharge Lessee or Lesse's heirs, personal representatives, assigns, or successors in interest from thir liability upon the agreements and covenants of this Lease, and Lessee, Lessee's personal representatives, assigns, and successors in interest shall remain liable for the full and complete performance of all of the terms, conditions, covenants, and agreements herein contained as principals and not as guarantors or sureties, to the same extent as though no assignment or sublease had been made; that any consent of Lessor to any such assignment or subletting shall not operate as a consent to further assignment or subletting or as a waiver of this covenant and agreement against assignment and subletting and that following any such assignment or subletting the assignee and/or sublettee shall be bound by all of the terms, conditions, covenants, and agreement herein contained including the covenant against assignments and subletting.
See Exhibit A. § 1.1.3 The Owner’s budget for the Cost of the Work, as defined in Section 6.1: (Provide total and, if known, a line item breakdown.) «$4,000,000.00 »
See Exhibit A. The Provider will perform the above-listed Basic Engineering Scope of Work for a lump sum and/or hourly fee as indicated in the exhibits referenced below: