Scope of the Services Sample Clauses

Scope of the Services. The Services are developed and provided by Asurion. The Services only include technical support for Your Device and the operating systems and software applications either thereon or intended to be used thereon and technical support for the use of Your Device with other devices and services manufactured to be compatible with Your Device or intended to be connected thereto. The Services do not include, among other things, (a) assistance with third-party software or services that are not related to Your Device; (b) installation of third-party software or OEM drivers not supported by Your Device; (c) assistance with network coverage issues, such as dropped calls/data interruptions; (d) over-the-air updates to operating systems, firmware, or some software; (e) diagnostic support not related to Your Device; (f) modification of Original Equipment Manufacturer ("OEM") software; (g) hardware and equipment setup and repair; (h) installation of non-sanctioned applications; (i) data migration between Devices; (j) assistance with enterprise level software industry specific hardware or equipment.
Scope of the Services. UNOPS intends to retain the Contractor for the implementation of the Services, and the Contractor intends to provide the Services. The Contractor has represented to UNOPS that it has the appropriate experience, expertise, licences, and resources to undertake the Services and has agreed to undertake the Services in accordance with the Contract. In reliance on the Contractor’s representations UNOPS has entered into the Contract. The Contract sets out the terms and conditions upon which the Contractor will undertake the Services.
Scope of the Services. 3.1 The services that the Construction Manager shall provide include, but are not limited to those described in the following sections.
Scope of the Services. The “Servicesconsist of and include the following, as they may evolve and be supplemented, modified or replaced during the Term:
Scope of the Services. 2.1 Service Provider will provide the Services as per the services opted by the Customer in the OPF, details of all the services are provided in the Service Catalogue which is provided in Annexure A along with this SLA.
Scope of the Services. 2.1 Service Provider may provide such Services as provided in the Service Catalogue provided in Annexure A to this SLA. The Customer may issue one or more purchase orders to Service Provider for Services and Service Provider shall accept a purchase order only if it is in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and for services as covered by the Service Catalogue.
Scope of the Services. Under administration of the UN part the company should perform the following cleaning services: - Everyday sweeping of the UN building yard (sweeping should be done by at least mechanical sweep machine (equivalent to Karcher)); - Everyday sweeping entrance stairs - one front and three back side; - Everyday remove the tree leafs from the greenery zone; - Two times per month washing yard by pressured water; - Everyday washing and cleaning of the back yard area, wooden platforms, tables and chairs; - Everyday cleaning of the floors, furniture, equipment of the guard booths; - Once per month wash/clean windows and doors of the gourd booths (2 guard booths); - Clean snow from the yard of the UN Building, whenever it is snowing (including on Saturday and Sunday). All cleaning materials: rags, mop, bucket, water hose, mechanical sweep machine, shovels for snow and all other materials/devices needed for yard cleaning should be provided by contractor company (service provided company). No major cleaning work shall be done during UN work hours. Task No.3 - majority until 9:00, The UN office working hours are from 9:00 till 18:00, from Monday to Friday. Preferred time schedule for Task No.3 - from 8:00 till 15:00. During snowing it is required to have two workers for quick snow cleaning (including on Saturday and Sunday). The detailed work plan for Task No.3 with quantity of the workers and needed hygienic supplies should be presented by contractor company. Task No.4
Scope of the Services. During the term of this Agreement, the Independent Contractor shall perform the services described in each Engagement Addendum attached hereto as Exhibit A (the "Services").
Scope of the Services. 1.1. UNOPS intends to retain the Contractor for the implementation of certain services regarding [insert summary description of the services].
Scope of the Services. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, LIS will provide the web-based services authorized by the Client and set forth on Exhibit A attached hereto and incorporated by reference herein (collectively, the “Services” or “ClosingSite”). LIS will also develop software components and provide additional services as set forth on Exhibit A. Additional services may be added from time to time by execution of an addendum to such exhibit, which services are incorporated by reference into this Agreement and will become part of the Services.