SAFE Sample Clauses

SAFE. Each of the Company and the Subsidiaries has taken all necessary steps to comply with, and to ensure compliance by all of the Company’s direct or indirect shareholders who are PRC residents or PRC citizens with any applicable rules and regulations of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange of the PRC (the “SAFE Rules and Regulations”), including, without limitation, requesting each shareholder that is, or is directly or indirectly owned or controlled by, a PRC resident or PRC citizen to complete any registration and other procedures required under applicable SAFE Rules and Regulations.
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SAFE. Except as disclosed in the Disclosure Schedule, the Founders and any other Person who is required to comply with the SAFE Rules and Regulations (other than shareholders of the Company holding any Preferred Share and their directly or indirectly beneficial owners) has obtained registration with SAFE with respect to their holdings of Equity Securities in the Company in accordance with the SAFE Rules and Regulations and none of them has received any oral or written inquiries, notifications, orders or any other forms of official correspondence from SAFE with respect to any actual or alleged non-compliance with the SAFE Rules and Regulations.
SAFE. The task to be performed must be safe, not exposing anyone to any hazard or risk of injury.
SAFE. Access Score 5Facilities Score 5Dog Control Score 2Water Safety Score 4 80%
SAFE. LOOMIS agrees to provide, and CUSTOMER agrees to take possession of, the Safe at each agreed upon service location.
SAFE. Avoiding harm to patients from the care that is intended to help them.
SAFE. Cajon Project, SMILES, Family Life  General health (lice prevention, nutrition, cleanliness, personal hygiene) STOP
SAFE. If applicable, the Guarantor shall have received registration certificate (业务登记凭证) from SAFE or a bank authorized by SAFE and a registration form (对外担保基本信息情况登记表), or their equivalent, that confirms the completion with the foreign exchange registration for the transactions contemplated by this Agreement without the imposition of any Impediment (the “SAFE Registration”);
SAFE. The Borrower shall procure the Onshore Guarantor to:
SAFE. We provide a hotel type safe for the convenience of our guests. We do not accept any responsibility on theft, lose or damage on the guests’ personal property kept in the safe during their stay. You leave your belongings into the safe under your total responsibility. The lock of the safe operates by a credit card or a numeric password. Please read carefully the operating instructions. In case you forget the password, call our Management Company for help. If we have to open the safe for you with our override keys, and no failure of the safe is found, then an “open fee” of 50 USD will be charged against your security deposit. We suggest to empty the safe the night before of your check-out to avoid any possible last minute inconvenience. In any case, when you check-out, leave the safe door open.