SAFE Sample Clauses

SAFE. Each of the Company and the Subsidiaries has taken all necessary steps to comply with, and to ensure compliance by all of the Company’s direct or indirect shareholders who are PRC residents or PRC citizens with any applicable rules and regulations of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange of the PRC (the “SAFE Rules and Regulations”), including, without limitation, requesting each shareholder that is, or is directly or indirectly owned or controlled by, a PRC resident or PRC citizen to complete any registration and other procedures required under applicable SAFE Rules and Regulations.
SAFE. Except as disclosed in the Disclosure Schedule, the Founders and any other Person who is required to comply with the SAFE Rules and Regulations (other than shareholders of the Company holding any Preferred Share and their directly or indirectly beneficial owners) has obtained registration with SAFE with respect to their holdings of Equity Securities in the Company in accordance with the SAFE Rules and Regulations and none of them has received any oral or written inquiries, notifications, orders or any other forms of official correspondence from SAFE with respect to any actual or alleged non-compliance with the SAFE Rules and Regulations.
SAFE. The task to be performed must be safe, not exposing anyone to any hazard or risk of injury.
SAFE. LOOMIS agrees to provide, and CUSTOMER agrees to take possession of, the Safe at each agreed upon service location.
SAFE. In case of the Standard method with the Liability View, we have the following valuation of the SAFE: v = msafe msafe · vpre
SAFE. With the DOMAIN Add-On SAFE Swizzonic Ltd. provides you with DOMAIN services as described in the respective specifications published on the website of Swizzonic Ltd. for SAFE.
SAFE. Harmless Clause - Where a reduction in the percentage of the base has occurred for an assignment such as middle school assistant basketball coach, no person currently in the position will receive less money than he/she received last year. For example, if he/she received 9% ($1658.52) in 1986/87 he/she would continue to be paid $1658.52 in future seasons until the 7.5% of the base exceed $1658.52 which time he/she would be paid at the higher rate. A new person would be paid at the rate of 7.5% of the bachelor, no experience rate then applicable.
SAFE. 🞏 I know that I will be able to use the internet at West Borough for a variety of reasons, if I use it responsibly. However, I understand that if I do not, I may not be allowed to use the internet at school. • 🞏 I will only send messages that are polite and friendly. • 🞏 I will only post pictures or videos on the internet if they are safe and appropriate, and if I have permission. • 🞏 I only talk with and open messages from people I know. • 🞏 I will only click on links if I know they are safe. • 🞏 I know that people I meet online may not always be who they say they are. If someone online suggests meeting up, I will immediately talk to an adult. I will never arrange to meet someone I have only ever previously met on the Internet. • 🞏 I will protect myself by not telling anyone I meet online my address, my telephone number, my school name or by sending a picture or video of myself, my family or my friends without permission from a teacher or other trusted adult.
SAFE. If you use your card outside of the Common Monetary Area you must comply with the relevant exchange control regulations. The “Common Monetary Area” refers to the grouping of South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia into a monetary union. The South African Rand is an accepted form of currency in all these countries. Any transaction or payment made in a currency other than South African Rands will be charged to your account at the VISA or MasterCard rate of exchange that applies on the date of settlement. The transaction will be shown on your account statement in Rands. We must report any transactions outside the Common Monetary Area to the South African Reserve Bank. You must not use the card to buy foreign lottery tickets and participate in online gambling activities. We have an obligation to decline any card transactions that relates to foreign lotteries or any gambling activities.
SAFE. “SAFE” shall have the meaning specified in the Recitals of the Agreement.