Cleanliness Sample Clauses

Cleanliness. Resident agrees to keep the room in a clean and sanitary condition during the entire term of occupancy and to return his/her room to Provider in the same condition, including general cleanliness, as it was at the beginning of the term of occupancy, normal wear and tear excepted as determined by College acting on behalf of Provider. When there is vacant space in a partially occupied multi-person room, the vacant space must be maintained by the occupant(s) in a manner that will allow a new Resident to move in immediately. Failure to do so will result in assessment of a cleaning charge to Resident’s account.
Cleanliness. The employer shall keep the lodging accommodation in a clean state and free from effluvia arising from any drain, sanitary convenience or any other nuisance. The employer shall ensure regular cleaning of the lodging accommodation including its surrounding yard. The employer shall provide adequate covered bins for the storage of refuse.
Cleanliness. Tenant shall maintain all interior and exterior areas, including lawn/grounds, of the leased premises in a clean and sanitary condition, free from debris, garbage and physical hazards. Tenant agrees to perform routine cleaning throughout the leased premises on a regular basis. Routine cleaning includes, but is not limited to vacuuming any carpeting, sweeping and washing floors, scrubbing the tub/shower, scrubbing the toilet and sinks, dusting, washing dishes, discarding and removing trash, and cleaning the interior and exterior of all appliances and fixtures.
Cleanliness. It is the Pilot’s responsibility to leave the aircraft interior in a clean condition after each flight. The Pilot may be charged a cleaning fee of $100.00 for failure to comply with this rule.