RPM Sample Clauses

RPM. Delaware is hereby designated as, and hereby agrees to perform the duties and obligations of, the Servicer pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. At any time after the occurrence of an Amortization Event, the Administrative Agent and the Purchasers may at any time designate as Servicer any Person to succeed RPM-Delaware or any successor Servicer.
RPM. FUNC.3 Functional Requirements Device Communications - Patient Telemetry (Data Retrieval and Delivery): The system should support communication from a RMD (or application on a RMD) to a Provider (or M2M service). The remote monitoring device gathers patient measurements, data and or events. Data may be communicated each time the device gathers the data, accumulated measurements may be communicated periodically (e.g., hourly, daily), or data may be delivered upon request orupon certain events.
RPM. FUNC.7 Functional Requirements The system should have a support for secure communication via a secure protocol In order to guarantee a secure communication secure protocols should be integrated in the M2M network
RPM. The BERs, the de minimis Notice, and likely, the individual need to evaluate the potential that the vertical agreements will be judged to fall outside the protective scope of the BERs, have the effect of de facto prohibiting minimum resale price maintenance in distribution agreements. This seemingly unintended, but nonetheless effective, prohibition is at odds with the Commission's move toward a more thoughtful economic basis for its actions. The de facto prohibitions place a chill on business action even aside from any consideration of the market context and the market share of the parties. According to the Commission, minimum resale price maintenance may have two negative effects: reduction in intra-brand price competition and increased price transparency. “Increased transparency on price and responsibility for price changes makes horizontal collusion between manufacturers or distributors easier, at least in concentrated markets. The reduction in intra-brand competition may, as it heads to less downward pressure on the price for the particular goods, have as an indirect effect a reduction of inter-brand competition”.88 The ban refers to any direct or indirect mean to fix minimum resale price (e.g. fixing the distribution margin, fixing the maximum level of discounts the distributors may grant, making the grant of rebates or reimbursement of promotional costs by the supplier subject to the observance of a given price level).89 Maximum and recommended RPMs (not corresponding to fixed RPMs), leaving the retailer free, up to a certain extent, to determine the resale price, are allowed.90 For those undertakings not protected by the BERs, because their turnover exceeds the 30% market share, however, article 81(1) may be infringed if the maximum or recommended price is uniformly implemented by resellers and if the undertaking's actions, especially in a narrow oligopoly, facilitate collusion among suppliers by exchanging information on the preferred price level and by reducing the likelihood of lower prices.91 A similar approach is adopted in US antitrust law which considers minimum resale price maintenance per se illegal92 but evaluates maximum RPMs by applying the rule of reason. 93 The Commission finds that price fixing falls into article 81(1) even if it might be justified by overriding reasons of public interests (such as to cover R&D investment of a firm and to further total consumer welfare). In Glaxo Wellcome, the Commission did not exempt a system of du...
RPM. FUNC.11 Functional Requirements The system should have a support for priority communication to time- sensitive health services In case of time-sensitive services the system needs to assure that important services are prioritized
RPM if it wishes to exercise its Put Option, shall be obliged to exercise its entitlement to sell its Put Interest by the delivery of a written notice (“Put Notice”) to Plateau, by not later than 30 Business Days after the Remedy Period shall have elapsed; provided that in circumstances where a Structural Change shall have resulted in an Initial Period Default and a Change of Control of Holdco and RPM shall have elected to exercise its entitlement in terms of clause 5 of this BEE Principles Schedule, by way of delivering a Compulsory Disposal Notice to Plateau, RPM shall be entitled to exercise its Put Option by the delivery of a Put Notice to Plateau’s Permitted Successor, within the 30 Business Day period after the compulsory disposal contemplated in clause 5 of this BEE Principles Schedule shall have been implemented;
RPM. Xx. 00 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Marshalltown Johannesburg Telefax No.: (011) 373 5111 Attention: The Company Secretary
RPM. The recipient's Project or Program Manager, designated to direct the project or activity being supported by the agreement. The RPM is responsible and accountable to the recipient and BLM for the proper implementation of the project or activity.
RPM. ARQ Anooraq Resources Corporation Limited including, where the context dictates, the relevant subsidiaries thereto (e.g. Plateau) ARQ Ordinary Shares Shares in the issued ordinary share capital of ARQ which shares currently have a primary listing on the TSX and secondary listings on the JSE and AMEX Availability Period The period during which Plateau is able to draw on the OCSF, being 3 years from the initial drawdown date (1 July 2009) A Preference Shares The existing A preference shares of about R1.5 billion held by RPM in Plateau prior to the restructuring of the debt B Preference Shares Collectively, the B1 Preference Shares, B2 Preference Shares and B3 Preference Shares B1 Preference Shares The cumulative convertible B1 preference shares in the authorised share capital of Pelawan SPV, issued to and subscribed for by RPM B2 Preference Shares The cumulative convertible B2 preference shares in the authorised share capital of Plateau, issued to and subscribed for by Pelawan SPV B3 Preference The cumulative convertible B3 preference shares in the authorised share capital Table of Contents PLATINUM Definitions and interpretations commencing on page 8 of this Term Sheet apply throughout, including the cover pages, unless the context indicates a contrary intention. Shares of Plateau, issued to and subscribed for by Pelawan SPV Base Case Cash Forecast The LOM plan and cash flow model regarding BHL as agreed between the Parties, including the development of the MPH Delta 80 UG 2 expansion project and new UG2 concentrator at BHL, as reflected in that plan BHL Bokoni Platinum Holdings (Proprietary) Limited; formerly known as Richtrau No. 179 (Proprietary) Limited DMR Department of Mineral Resources JSE JSE Limited Mineral Properties 51% of ARQ’s attributable interest in Paschaskraal, Xx Xxxx and Boikgantsho farms as set out in Annexure B Operating Cash Flow Shortfall Facility (OCSF) The debt funding facility of up to a maximum of R750 million made available by Amplats or RPM to Plateau for the Availability Period to fund Plateau’s pro rata share of the working capital and capital expenditure requirements in relation to BHL. In addition to the R750 million cash facility, the OCSF also includes a guarantee facility of R28 million Pelawan Pelawan Investments (Proprietary) Limited, the ultimate holding company of ARQ including, where the context dictates, the relevant subsidiaries thereto Pelawan SPV Pelawan Finance SPV (Proprietary) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiar...