GRANTEE Sample Clauses

GRANTEE. Whenever the word "Grantee" is used in any provision of this Agreement under circumstances where the provision should logically be construed to apply to the estate, personal representative or beneficiary to whom this Option may be transferred by will or by the laws of descent and distribution, the word "Grantee" shall be deemed to include such person.
GRANTEE. GRANTEE shall identify a single project director who shall have overall responsibility for the progress and execution of this AGREEMENT. Such person is identified on the SUMMARY PAGE as GRANTEE CONTACT PERSON. Additionally, GRANTEE shall immediately notify CITY in writing should circumstances or conditions subsequent to the execution of this AGREEMENT require a substitute GRANTEE CONTACT PERSON. GRANTEE’s CONTACT PERSON and GRANTEE staff will fully cooperate with the DIRECTOR relating to the work or services provided hereunder.
GRANTEE. 1. Must employ and assign at least one 100% full-time staff person to support each HCC within Grantee's EMTF region. Staff assigned to support a specific HCC in an HCC Region will commit no less than 80% of their time to projects specific to that HCC. Grantee will maintain an office within each HCC Region for staff assigned to that HCC to work from.
GRANTEE. NO. OF SHARES: This Agreement (the “Agreement”) evidences the award of restricted shares (each, an “Award Share,” and collectively, the “Award Shares”) of the Class B Common Stock of Marchex, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “Company”), granted to you, , effective as of (the “Grant Date”), pursuant to the Marchex, Inc. 2012 Stock Incentive Plan (the “Plan”) and conditioned upon your agreement to the terms described below. All of the provisions of the Plan are expressly incorporated into this Agreement.
GRANTEE. The City of North Bend, Washington ASSESSOR’S TAX PARCEL/ACCOUNT NUMBER: ABBREVIATED LEGAL DESCRIPTION: EASEMENT AGREEMENT This Easement Agreement is entered into as of the day of , 20 , by and between (“Grantor”) and the City of North Bend (“Grantee”).
GRANTEE shall maintain accurate books, records, and documents directly pertinent to performance under this Agreement and for all expenditures of all funds received pursuant to this Agreement in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles consistently applied. GRANTEE shall assure that these books, records, and documents are available at all reasonable times for inspection, review, copying or audit by COUNTY personnel and other personnel authorized by the COUNTY. GRANTEE shall retain all such books, records, and documents for three (3) years after the fiscal years in which payment is made by the COUNTY or until final resolution of matters resulting from any litigation, claim or audit that started prior to the expiration of the three-year record retention period.
GRANTEE. GRANTEE may terminate its obligation funded under this Grant Agreement for good cause, provided that, if requested by the Control Officer, GRANTEE shall reimburse the DISTRICT for the Grant funding specified in Paragraph 3 (Grant Funding), as follows: Termination Date Reimbursement Due to District Prior to Operation 100 percent of Grant Funding Year 1 of Operation 100 percent of Grant Funding Year 2 of Operation 66 percent of Grant Funding Year 3 of Operation 33 percent of Grant Funding After year 3 of Operation 0 percent of Grant Funding The year of the operation shall be determined in reference to Paragraph 2 (Time of Performance). GRANTEE’S notice of termination shall be in writing and shall be effective upon completion of the terms of this paragraph. Such notice shall terminate GRANTEE’s obligation under Paragraphs 1 (Obligations to be Performed Under this Grant Agreement) and 2 (Time of Performance) of this Grant Agreement.