Stockholder Sample Clauses

Stockholder. No holder, as such, of any Right Certificate shall be entitled to vote, receive dividends or be deemed for any purpose the holder of the Preferred Shares or any other securities of the Company which may at any time be issuable on the exercise of the Rights represented thereby, nor shall anything contained herein or in any Right Certificate be con- strued to confer upon the holder of any Right Certificate, as such, any of the rights of a stockholder of the Company or any right to vote for the election of directors or upon any matter submitted to stockholders at any meeting thereof, or to give or withhold consent to any corporate action, or to receive notice of meetings or other actions affecting stock- holders (except as provided in Section 25 hereof), or to re- ceive dividends or subscription rights, or otherwise, until the Right or Rights evidenced by such Right Certificate shall have been exercised in accordance with the provisions hereof.
Stockholder. The STOCKHOLDER recognizes and acknowledges that he had in the past, currently has, and in the future may possibly have, access to certain confidential information of the COMPANY, the Other Founding Companies, and/or CSI, such as operational policies, and pricing and cost policies that are valuable, special and unique assets of the COMPANY's, the Other Founding Companies' and/or CSI's respective businesses. The STOCKHOLDER agrees that he will not disclose such confidential information to any person, firm, corporation, association or other entity for any purpose or reason whatsoever, except (a) to authorized representatives of CSI, (b) following the Closing, such information may be disclosed by the STOCKHOLDER as is required in the course of performing his duties for CSI or the Surviving Corporation and (c) to counsel and other advisers, provided that such advisers (other than counsel) agree to the confidentiality provisions of this Section 14.1, unless (i) such information becomes known to the public generally through no fault of the STOCKHOLDER, (ii) disclosure is required by law or the order of any governmental authority under color of law, provided, that prior to disclosing any information pursuant to this clause (ii), the STOCKHOLDER shall, if possible, give prior written notice thereof to CSI and provide CSI with the opportunity to contest such disclosure, or (iii) the disclosing party reasonably believes that such disclosure is required in connection with the defense of a lawsuit against the disclosing party. In the event of a breach or threatened breach by the STOCKHOLDER of the provisions of this Section, CSI shall be entitled to an injunction restraining the STOCKHOLDER from disclosing, in whole or in part, such confidential information. Nothing herein shall be construed as prohibiting CSI from pursuing any other available remedy for such breach or threatened breach, including the recovery of damages. In the event the transactions contemplated by this Agreement are not consummated, STOCKHOLDER shall have none of the above-mentioned restrictions on their ability to disseminate confidential information with respect to the COMPANY.
Stockholder. Purchaser hereby acknowledges that, once accepted by the Company, this subscription is not revocable by it. Purchaser agrees that, if this subscription is accepted, it shall, and it hereby elects to: (i) become a stockholder of the Company; (ii) be bound by the terms and provisions hereof; and (iii) execute any and all further documents when and as reasonably requested by the Company in connection with the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. * * * * *
Stockholder. The Participant shall have no rights as a stockholder with respect to any shares of Common Stock covered by any Restricted Stock Unit including, without limitation, voting and dividend rights, unless and until the Participant has become the holder of record of the shares of Common Stock at the end of the vesting period, and no adjustments shall be made for dividends in cash or other property, distributions or other rights in respect of any such shares.” GERMANY There are no country-specific provisions. HONG KONG Section 3(b) of the Agreement shall hereby be read as if all references toSubsidiary” or “Subsidiaries” have been deleted. The following shall be added to the end of Section 13 of the Agreement: “If the Participant is unable to provide his or her personal data as requested by the Company (or any Subsidiary) the Participant may not be able to participate in the Plan. The Participant has the right to request access to and to request the correction of his or her personal data pursuant to applicable data privacy law. Any such data access and request should be made in writing and addressed to the Company’s Corporate Human Resources Department located at 135 Duryea Road, Melville, New York 11747, USA.” IRELAND There are no country-specific provisions. ITALY There are no country-specific provisions.
Stockholder. If any Participant to whom an Incentive Stock Option is to be granted pursuant to the provisions of the Plan is on the date of grant the owner of stock possessing more than 10% of the total combined voting power of all classes of stock of the Company or any Related Companies, then the following special provisions shall be applicable to the Incentive Stock Option granted to such individual:
Stockholder. Each Stockholder hereby revokes all proxies or powers of attorney heretofore made by it with respect to the Covered Shares of such Stockholder. The proxy and power of attorney granted by this Section 2.3 shall be revoked, terminated and of no further force or effect, automatically and without further action of a Stockholder, upon the termination of this Agreement in accordance with Section 5.1 hereof.
Stockholder. If any Employee to whom an Incentive Option is granted is a 10% Stockholder, then the exercise price per share shall not be less than one hundred ten percent (110%) of the Fair Market Value per share of Common Stock on the option grant date, and the option term shall not exceed five (5) years measured from the option grant date.
Stockholder. Stockholder shall have the meaning set forth in the first paragraph of this Agreement.
Stockholder. A "Stockholder" shall mean each of the persons specified in the opening paragraph of this Agreement and each other Person who succeeds to the interest of such named Person in and to any Shares in a manner permitted by the provisions of this Agreement.
Stockholder. (Signature) Douglas R. Lebda & Tara G. Lebda Jt Ten WROS --------------------------------------------- (Print Name of Stockholder) c/o LendingTree, Inc. 11115 Rushmore Drive ----------------------------------------------- (Print Street Address) Charlotte, NC 28277 ----------------------------------------------- (Print City, State and Zip Code) (704) 944-8501 ----------------------------------------------- (Print Telephone Number) Total Number of the Company's common shares owned directly on the date hereof: Common shares: 589,280 State of Residence: --------------------------------- [SIGNATURE PAGE TO VOTING AGREEMENT]