Financial Covenants Sample Clauses

Financial Covenants. Borrower shall maintain at all times, to be tested as of the last day of each month, unless otherwise noted, on a consolidated basis with respect to Borrower and its Subsidiaries:

Financial Covenants. Any requirement of Clause 21 (Financial covenants) is not satisfied.

Financial Covenants. Borrower shall at all times maintain the following financial ratios and covenants:

Financial Covenants. Each Borrower covenants and agrees that, until termination of all of the Commitments and payment in full of the Obligations, Borrowers will:

Financial Covenants. Borrowers shall not breach or fail to comply with any of the Financial Covenants.

Financial Covenants. Until all of the Obligations have been paid and satisfied in full and the Commitment terminated, unless consent has been obtained in the manner set forth in Section 14.2, the U.S. Borrower and its Subsidiaries on a Consolidated basis will not:

Financial Covenants. The Borrower covenants and agrees that so long as any Lender has a Commitment hereunder or any Obligation remains unpaid or outstanding:

Financial Covenants. The Borrower covenants and agrees that, until the termination of the Commitments, the termination or expiration of all Letters of Credit and the payment in full in cash of all principal and interest with respect to the Loans and all Reimbursement Obligations together with all fees, expenses and other amounts then due and owing hereunder:

Financial Covenants. So long as any Advance or any other Obligation of any Loan Party under any Loan Document shall remain unpaid, any Letter of Credit shall be outstanding or any Lender Party shall have, at any time after the Initial Extension of Credit, any Commitment hereunder, the Parent Guarantor will:

Financial Covenants. Comply with the following financial covenants: