Router Sample Clauses

Router. A network device that forwards packets from one network interface to another based on network layer information (typically IP destination address). Devices fitting this definition may provide both wired and wireless network connectivity.
Router. The electronic device authorised by Uber Group and associated leads and equipment in the SUD which receives and interprets data over Uber Group’ Network.
Router. This is an internetworking device that is responsible for ------ connecting two networks together (i.e. the Hotel network to the Internet Network).
Router. The Router creates student transportation service; evaluates, organizes, and creates effective bus routes, troubleshoots and fixes route directions; maintains data base for 23,000 Public and Private school students; evaluates driver requests for route changes; works closely with CB and contract dispatchers to investigate and resolve problems; works with parents and schools to resolve transportation concerns; researches, models and implements confidential planning that may lead to bus route reorganizations; trains staff on use of the routing software system; coordinates and develops special needs of the transportation schedule as needed. Router shall be a 12-month position.
Router. Each router shall:
Router. The Router is a Vital-Sim module (option) that is a prerequisite for the LampOut and Downgrades (Test sheets) module- a brief overview is provided here. To access the Router dialog, click the Router button on the Track Plan Ribbon menu. The Router will give inconsistent results if the track plan elements are not positioned and connected properly. The Router `Show X at disconnected points` check option allows users to quickly locate and correct mismatches in the track plan: Connected: Viewing Routes – Select from list of routes found: The entry location for route is identified by signal with A head green (note: this convention is used even though it may not be a valid aspect for the route selected) Route 2: Route 3:
Router. A physical device that is capable of forwarding packets based on network layer information and that also participates in running one or more network layer routing protocols. Shall or Will Whenever used to stipulate anything, Shall or Will means that the action or inaction is mandatory by either the Customer or the County, as applicable, and means that the Customer or the County, as applicable, has thereby entered into a covenant with the other Party to do or perform the same.
Router. Client assumes full responsibility for the router. Troubleshooting issues arising over the router should be addressed to the manufacturer of that router. QUP will provide at time of installation the appropriate contact number for assistance with the router.
Router. Device that interconnect logical networks by forwarding information to other networks based upon IP addresses.
Router. Your router manages traffic across your network and facilitates communications to VoIP handsets. Your VoIP handsets are network devices which requires an enterprise class router with a high speed or broadband internet connection.