Transportation Service definition

Transportation Service means a service for moving people and goods, such as intercity bus service and passenger rail service.
Transportation Service means the provision, or the offer to provide, transportation of a passenger for compensation in which

Examples of Transportation Service in a sentence

  • Equitrans states the Credit Agreement attached as Exhibit 2 to the Precedent Agreement will be incorporated by reference in the Firm Transportation Service Agreement.102.

  • CHARACTER OF SERVICE: Interruptible Transportation Service will be available when system capacity is not required to meet the demands of Customers served under all other Service Classifications or other system requirements, including, but not limited to, conditions that may be imposed on the Company by its suppliers.

  • Role of Consolidated Transportation Service Agencies (CTSAs)AB 120 authorized the establishment of CTSAs and recognizes them as direct claimants of TDA Article 4.5 funds.

  • The Highways and Transportation Service had been very open and accepting of the input and challenge.

  • Since this new increment of firm capacity is only available to the Blanco area, El Paso states that the project will not create additional mainline capacity out of the San Juan Basin.In support of the Bondad ExpansionProject, El Paso states that it has entered into a binding firm Transportation Service Agreement with BP Energy Company (BP) for the transportation of gas on El Paso’s existing Ignacio Lines from any point of receipt in the Bondad Pooling Area to the Blanco Delivery Point.

More Definitions of Transportation Service

Transportation Service means a service that transports a consumer from one place to another through the use of a provider's vehicle and driver. Examples of places to which the service may transport a consumer are a medical office, congregate nutrition program site, grocery store, senior center, or government office.
Transportation Service means a service supplied by an APA Entity that includes an obligation of the APA Entity to receive or store in, or to lend or deliver from, the relevant Pipeline quantities of gas on a Day.
Transportation Service means providing a motor vehicle, with a driver under contract, to transport passengers or property.
Transportation Service means transportation provided to a survivor of sexual assault who is
Transportation Service means a service engaged in the off−site transport of hazardous waste by air, rail, highway or water.
Transportation Service means home to school or school to home transportation provided to a qualifying student, regardless of how that transportation is provided.
Transportation Service means the Transportation of gas within the Company’s utility pipeline system under these Rules and Regulations for Transportation Service and under the terms and conditions described in a Shipper’s Transportation Service Agreement.