Transportation Service definition

Transportation Service means a service for moving people and goods, such as intercity bus service and passenger rail service.
Transportation Service means the Transportation of gas within the Company’s utility pipeline system under these Rules and Regulations for Transportation Service and under the terms and conditions described in a Shipper’s Transportation Service Agreement.
Transportation Service means the provision, or the offer to provide, transportation of a passenger for compensation in which

Examples of Transportation Service in a sentence

  • Unless otherwise authorized by Union, customers who initiate a movement to Transportation Service from a Sales Service or Bundled Transportation Service must accept an assignment from Union of transportation capacity on upstream pipeline systems.

  • For Firm Transportation Service customers, the existence of imbalances as defined in Rider “I” or Rider “J” will be determined each day.

  • Coordination between Public Transportation Service Providers to reduce fragmentation in the provision of transportation services.

  • The Company will not accept gas for delivery to Firm Transportation Service customers that will: (1) adversely impact the Company’s rights to current or future supply or transportation allocations; or (2) impose any financial or burdensome administrative obligation on the Company that would not have existed without acceptance of such delivery by the Company.

  • Due to system constraints, the Company may instruct some or all Firm Transportation Service customers not to exceed their nominated amounts of gas during a given twenty-four (24) hour period.

More Definitions of Transportation Service

Transportation Service means a service that transports a consumer from one place to another through the use of a provider's vehicle and driver. Examples of places to which the service may transport a consumer are a medical office, congregate nutrition program site, grocery store, senior center, or government office.
Transportation Service means a service of transporting gas provided by Service Provider to a User pursuant to a Gas Transportation Agreement.
Transportation Service means transportation of a child who is being detained under chapter 260, including costs of wages, mileage and meal expenses, and costs for transporting and returning delinquent children who have absconded from their legal place of residence.
Transportation Service means providing a motor vehicle, with a driver under contract, to transport passengers or property.
Transportation Service means, in relation to a Transportation Facility, a Forward Haul Service, Park Service or Compression Service (as applicable).
Transportation Service means transportation provided to a survivor of sexual assault who is
Transportation Service means a trip arranged through a platform commencing when a passenger enters the PTC Vehicle, continuing for the period that the PTC Vehicle is continuously occupied, and ending when all passengers exit the PTC vehicle;