Specification Sample Clauses

Specification. 2.1 The Service Provider shall fully comply with the terms of this Agreement and, is subject to the Specification in Schedule 1.
Specification. The Contract is intended to cover only those Motor Vehicles generally used by the State of Florida as listed and described herein, and does not include all varieties of Motor Vehicles that are commercially available. The Department in its sole discretion shall determine the eligibility and acceptability of all Commodities available and included under the Contract.
Specification. The Framework Agreement will consist of two Lots The scope of the Required Services for Lot 1 Traditional Telephony Services comprises: Voice Connectivity Service Voice Calls Service Broadband Service Data Access Service Bundles comprising some or all of the above The scope of the Services for Lot 2 Inbound Services comprises: Inbound Voice Service
Specification. 3.1 The quantity, quality and description of the Goods and/or the Services shall, subject as provided in these Conditions, be specified in the Purchase Order and/or in any applicable Specification supplied by the Council to the Provider.
Specification. The body of directions, provisions and requirements contained in these specifications, pertaining to the method and manner or performing the work and the quantities or quality of materials to be furnished under the contract.
Specification. Generally (2/A/2) A.5 Method of Measurement and Notes (Contd) Notwithstanding the provision of SMM Clause A.6 (a),(b) and (c), fractions of a unit or of a kilogramme less than half which would cause an entire item to be eliminated have been regarded as whole indicating a reference e.g. BS, type, grade. The following abbreviations have been used:- Number No Metre M Lineal metres LM Square metres SM Cubic metres CM Kilogrammes KG Millimetre mm Centimetre cm
Specification. 1) Where materials are not described in the specification or in the other Contract Documents they shall be of the best quality available on the local market.
Specification. As used herein, the term “Specification” refers to the Specification set forth in Section 01 35 70, entitled “Document Control Procedure For Protected Information” (“TJPA’s Document Control Procedure”).
Specification. Generally (2/A/3)
Specification. “Specification” means the Specification identified below.