Recruitment Advertising Sample Clauses

Recruitment Advertising. At least two times a year, the District will advertise to recruit candidates for discipline areas in which:  A College has requested an advertisement, or  There are an inadequate number of candidates in the applicant pool, or  There are an inadequate number of candidates reflecting diversity as described in Board Policy 3420. Applicant Pool Maintenance Applicants will apply to the District’s online applicant system to the discipline in which they are qualified and have interest in teaching. As necessary, the Xxxx overseeing the division the discipline is assigned requests access to all applications in the specified pool from the EEO/Recruitment Coordinator, who requests release of applicants from the District Office of Human Resources. Applications in the District’s part-time faculty applicant pools will expire two years from the date of application. Equivalency – see BP and AP 7902, Faculty Service Areas, Minimum Qualifications and Equivalency. Search and Selection Search and Selection Committee Composition The Search and Selection Committee will be comprised of the Division Xxxx and two full-time discipline faculty members. One should be department chair, or designee, and the other appointed by the department. If there are no full-time discipline faculty at a college, the Division Xxxx should contact the Academic Senate to appoint two full-time faculty members from a related discipline or from the discipline at one of the other two colleges. Each member of the Search and Selection Committee should read the relevant Board Policies and Administrative Procedures: EEO, Faculty Hiring, Faculty Service Areas, Minimum Qualifications and Equivalency, and Faculty Recruitment. The Search Committee will also perform the functions of a Selection Committee for part- time faculty hiring. The purpose of the Search and Selection Committee is to establish a pre-screened discipline “Hiring Pool” to minimize emergency hiring of part-time faculty. Search and Selection Committee Responsibilities EEO/Recruitment Coordinator  Ensure that relevant Board Policies, Administrative Procedures and laws are followed by the Search and Selection Committee members.  Provide access to electronic applicant pool for the discipline faculty responsible for screening the applicants.  Notify all candidates of the Search and Selection Committee’s decisions. Division Xxxx  Contact other Division Deans in the district and other local community colleges to find qualified part-time faculty c...
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Recruitment Advertising. 5.1. It is recognised that advertising costs are something to be contained to protect resources for other educational priorities. However, in order to maximise the diversity and number of quality applicants, adverts will be placed on the national recruitment portal i.e. Consideration should also be given to advertising either in national publications (e.g. TES) or on other relevant online recruitment portals, with the authorisation of the relevant Senior Manager/Headteacher.
Recruitment Advertising and job application procedures;
Recruitment Advertising. In order to maximise the diversity and number of quality applicants, adverts will be placed on the national recruitment portal i.e. and on Stirling Council’s website. Adverts are normally given a two week closing date (10 working days).

Related to Recruitment Advertising

  • No Outside Advertising No outside advertisement for any vacancy shall be placed until the applications of present union members have been fully processed.

  • Publicity and Advertising Executive agrees that the Company may use his name, picture, or likeness for any advertising, publicity or other business purpose at any time, during the term of this Agreement and may continue to use materials generated during the term of this Agreement for a period of six (6) months thereafter. The use of Executive’s name, picture, or likeness shall not be deemed to result in any invasion of Executive’s privacy or in violation of any property right Executive may have; and Executive shall receive no additional consideration if his name, picture or likeness is so used. Executive further agrees that any negatives, prints or other material for printing or reproduction purposes prepared in connection with the use of his name, picture or likeness by the Company shall be and are the sole property of the Company.

  • Marketing and Advertising Provider shall not advertise or market to schools, students or their parents/guardians when the advertising is based upon any Student Data that Provider has acquired because of the use of that Provider’s site, Products, Services, or this Agreement.

  • No Advertising At no time was the Purchaser presented with or solicited by any leaflet, newspaper or magazine article, radio or television advertisement, or any other form of general advertising or solicited or invited to attend a promotional meeting otherwise than in connection and concurrently with such communicated offer.

  • Targeted Advertising Prohibition Operator is prohibited from using or selling Data to (a) market or advertise to students or families/guardians; (b) inform, influence, or enable marketing, advertising, or other commercial efforts by a Operator; (c) develop a profile of a student, family member/guardian or group, for any commercial purpose other than providing the Service to LEA; or

  • SIGNS AND ADVERTISING Tenant may, at its own expense, install and operate necessary and appropriate identification signs on the Premises, subject to the approval of Director and the requirements of the TI Guide, including but not limited to, the approval of the number, size, height, location, color and general type and design. Such approval shall be subject to revocation by Director at any time. Without express written consent of Director, Tenant shall not display any advertising, promotional, or informational pamphlets, circulars, brochures or similar materials.

  • Advertising The Contractor shall not refer to sales to the State for advertising or promotional purposes, including, but not limited to, posting any material or data on the Internet, without DAS’s prior written approval.

  • No General Solicitation or General Advertising Neither the Company nor any person acting on its behalf has engaged or will engage in any form of general solicitation or general advertising (within the meaning of Regulation D under the Securities Act) in connection with any offer or sale of the Purchased Securities.

  • Notification and Advertising The invitation to prequalify or bid for each contract estimated to cost $10,000,000 equivalent or more shall be advertised in accordance with the procedures applicable to large contracts under paragraph 2.8 of the Guidelines. Part C: Other Procurement Procedures

  • No Advertisement The Purchaser acknowledges that the Shares have been offered to them in direct communication between them and Seller, and not through any advertisement of any kind.