Purchase Procedures Sample Clauses

Purchase Procedures. In connection with acquiring the replacement Manufactured Home Unit, the Participant(s) must follow the following process in order for the Program to fund the Grant Amount:
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Purchase Procedures. After a Termination giving rise to a right of purchase under Section 7, the Company may elect to exercise the right to purchase Executive Stock (in the amounts and for the prices set forth in Section 7(a)) pursuant to the Purchase Option by delivering written notice (the "Purchase Notice") to the holder or holders of Executive Stock at any time prior to the date which is six months after the Termination Date. The Purchase Notice will set forth the number of shares of each class and type of Executive Stock to be acquired from such holder(s), the aggregate consideration to be paid for such shares of Executive Stock and the time and place for the closing of the transaction. If any shares of Executive Stock are held by Permitted Transferees, the Company shall purchase the shares each class and type of Executive Stock elected to be purchased from such holder(s) of Executive Stock pro rata according to the number of shares of such class and type of Executive Stock held by such holder(s) at the time of delivery of such Purchase Notice (determined as nearly as practicable to the nearest share).
Purchase Procedures. The procedures for the placement and fulfillment of purchase orders for Tiles submitted by Distributor shall be governed by the “Procedures for Crown Roof Tile Orders” set forth in Exhibit “B”, attached hereto and made a part of this Agreement (“Purchase Procedures”).
Purchase Procedures. (a) The purchase price for the Shares to be sold pursuant to this Section shall be the "Fair Market Value" of such Shares.
Purchase Procedures. (a) Whenever the Partnership or a Partner has an option pursuant to Section 10.1 to purchase the Interest of a Partner that withdraws from the Partnership in breach of this Agreement, such option shall be exercisable in the following manner. For a period of 45 days after the Partnership receives notice of the withdrawal, the Partnership shall have the option to purchase all or any portion of the Interest. The Partnership may exercise this option at the discretion of the non-withdrawing Partner by written notice to the withdrawn Partner within such 45-day period. If the Partnership does not exercise its right to purchase the entire Interest, then the non-withdrawing Partner shall have the option to purchase all, but not less than all, of the Interest not purchased by the Partnership. The non-withdrawing Partner may exercise this option by written notice to the Partnership and the withdrawn Partner within 45 days after the expiration of the Partnership’s option period. No sale of a withdrawn Partner’s Interest shall be required hereunder unless the Partnership or the non-withdrawing Partner collectively elect within their respective option periods to purchase the entire Interest.
Purchase Procedures. Subject to satisfaction of the conditions precedent set forth in paragraph 2 hereof, Lender shall have the right to require the University to purchase, and University agrees to purchase from Lender, the Mortgaged Property in accordance with the following procedures:
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Purchase Procedures. 17- SECTION 6.1 Type of Purchases................................................... -17- ----------------- SECTION 6.2
Purchase Procedures. LFIRC agrees to require any manufacturer for LFIRC of LeapFrog Products to comply with the purchasing authorization procedures established by Anoto with any Anoto Authorized Source, which procedures will be provided to LFIRC by Anoto.
Purchase Procedures. If the Holders have the right to require the purchase of Securities pursuant to Section 12.01, the Company shall 77 purchase such Securities for cash at a Purchase Price equal to 100% of the Accreted Principal Amount thereof, plus accrued and unpaid interest (including Liquidated Damages, if any) to, but excluding, the Purchase Date (the "Purchase Price") (provided that if the Purchase Date is an Interest Payment Date, any accrued and unpaid interest or Liquidated Damages shall be paid to the Holder of record as of the applicable Regular Record Date, rather than to the Holder presenting the Security for purchase), at the option of the Holder thereof, upon:
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