Home Unit definition

Home Unit full-time nurses or part-time nurses who are at full-time hours and/or eligible for overtime (equitable distribution) – once offered to full-time and part-time nurses, shifts can be offered to casual nurses who are at full-time hours and/or eligible for overtime;
Home Unit means the Unit responsible for undertaking the processes in this Agreement in respect of a Member’s appointment;
Home Unit means the Faculty (and Department for Departmentalized Faculties) where all or a majority of an appointment is held.

Examples of Home Unit in a sentence

  • The Home Unit will be responsible for undertaking a joint Performance Evaluation when it is required, for processing Leave applications, and for any other administrative necessities which may arise.

  • A Joint Appointment is an academic Appointment in two or more academic Units, one of which shall be designated as the Home Unit for the Appointment.

  • For personnel who do not have a normal place they are stationed, the Home Unit shall be the Cooperator’s station located closest to their place of residence.

  • If an applicant owned a damaged structure, such as a Mobile Home Unit, as of the date of disaster but did not own the land where the structure is/was located, they may still be considered eligible.

  • All tasks are documented with appropriate initials.Final Evaluator’s Signature: Final Evaluator’s Printed Name: Home Unit Title: Home Unit/Agency: Home Unit Phone Number: () Date: _ Agency CertificationI certify that (trainee name) has met all requirements for qualification in the above position.

  • A nurse may leave the pool by giving the supervisor thirty (30) days notice.(i) Responsibilities of a Secondary Pool Registered Nurse i) The secondary pool nurse is responsible to notify the Manager or her designate on her Home Unit at the time of accepting a shift off of the unit.

  • The Member in relation to the Home Unit where such work is being carried out is responsible to pay the cost of all additional cleaning and for the repair (including replacement) of any damage to the Building or the property or any item including but not limited to lifts, hallways and other parts of the Building and its furnishings (whether belonging to the Company, a member or an occupier, caused in the course of the works and by the delivery of materials or the presence or removal of debris.

  • The Home Unit for equipment and personnel is the place where that equipment or personnel is normally stationed.

  • VA Form 26-8630, Manufactured Home Loan Claim Under Loan Guaranty-(Manufactured Home Unit and Lot or Lot Only).

  • The Member shall indemnify the Company against all claims, demands, costs, expenses or suits of any kind arising as a result of or in relation to alterations or renovations to the Home Unit or the services within the Home Unit carried out by or under the direction of the Member, an occupant or any predecessor owner or occupier.

More Definitions of Home Unit

Home Unit means the geographical location an individual is normally assigned to work.
Home Unit means your residential lot/unit, as defined by the Strata Titles Act, Community Titles Act, Company Titles Act or similar legislation, that you live in, including any lockable storage area that is owned or leased by you, at the site.
Home Unit means one of the six (6) Units subject to the occupancy and rent restrictions set forth in Section 2.2 (a) and 2.3(b) below.
Home Unit or "HOME UNITS" means those units in the Improvements rented pursuant to 5.18 of this Agreement.

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  • Unit and “Quality” means the unit and quantity specified in the schedule.

  • Stock Unit means a bookkeeping entry representing the equivalent of one Common Share, as awarded under the Plan.

  • Restricted Share Unit means the right granted to a Participant pursuant to Article 7 to receive a Share at a future date.

  • Restricted Share means a Common Share awarded under the Plan.