Related Assets Sample Clauses

Related Assets. All assets, rights and interests of the Assignor that uniquely reflect or embody the Associated Goodwill, including the following:
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Related Assets. (i) all rights to, but not any obligations under, all related Contracts and other Related Security related to any Pool Receivables, (ii) all rights and interests of the Seller under the Sale Agreement in relation to any Pool Receivables, (iii) all books and records evidencing or otherwise relating to any Pool Receivables, (iv) all Lockbox Accounts and related lock boxes and all cash and investments therein, to the extent constituting or representing the items in the following clause (v) and (v) all Collections in respect of, and other proceeds of, any Pool Receivables or any other Related Assets.
Related Assets. Subject to clause 5.2(g), the Chargor shall, promptly upon the accrual, offer or issue of any Related Assets (in the form of stocks, shares, warrants or other securities) in which the Chargor has a beneficial interest, procure the delivery to the Secured Party of (a) all certificates and other documents of title representing those Related Assets and (b) such duly executed blank (stamped, if necessary or desirable for the Secured Party) share transfer forms substantially in the form set out in Schedule 1 (Form of Share Transfer) or other instruments of transfer in respect of those Related Assets as the Secured Party may require.
Related Assets. There are no other patents issued and/or applications pending for or on behalf of Seller which are subject to a “Terminal Disclaimer” under 37 C.F.R. §1.321 that require any of such patents issued and/or applications and any of the patents part of the Subject Technology conveyed in this Agreement to remain under common ownership.
Related Assets. All assets, rights and interests of the Assignors that uniquely reflect or embody the Patent Collateral, including the following:
Related Assets. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, if any Asset (other than any FCC License or Spectrum Lease) is used in relation to any Remaining Asset that is not assigned to Buyer at the Closing, then such Asset shall not be transferred at the Closing and shall instead be assigned, transferred and delivered to Buyer together with the related FCC License or Spectrum Lease that is a Remaining Asset at the applicable Supplemental Closing.
Related Assets. The Company shall, promptly upon (and in any event within thirty days of) the accrual, offer, issue or payment of any Related Assets, deliver or pay to Elegance or procure the delivery or payment to Elegance of:
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Related Assets. As part of this Agreement, the Related Assets will also be transferred to the seller in full: ☐ - Social Media Accounts (list): [SOCIAL ACCOUNTS] ☐ - Email Lists ☐ - Trademarks ☐ - Logos ☐ - Other: [LIST]
Related Assets. The Company has good and marketable title to all assets -------------- of every kind, nature and description relating to the Business ("Related Assets"), except as otherwise set forth on Schedule 3.33. -------------
Related Assets. With respect to any Container, all of the following: (i) all of Seller’s right, title and interest in and to, but none of its obligations under, any agreement between a Seller and the manufacturer of each such Container pursuant to which such Seller acquired a transferred container from such manufacturer, and all amendments, additions and supplements hereafter made with respect thereto, (ii) all of Seller’s right, title and interest in and to any Lease which such Container is subject to on the Transfer Date for such Container, including all lease revenues accrued on or after the Cut-Off Date, (iii) all right, title and interest of such Seller in and to all payments, proceeds and other amounts which have accrued but have not been paid, and (iv) all payments, proceeds and income of the foregoing or related thereto.
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