Limousine services definition

Limousine services. (NAICS 485320) means establishments engaged in providing an array of specialty and luxury passenger transportation services via limousine or luxury sedans generally on a reserved basis. These establishments do not operate over regular routes and on regular schedules.
Limousine services means transportation services including but not limited to Limousine services, Airport transfer and Chauffeur services which are offered to DragonPass Members through the DragonPass website or App.

Examples of Limousine services in a sentence

  • Fares for D.D. and Limousine services would continue to be negotiated under Option “A” as D.D. Services are provided in a customer’s vehicle and the installation of taximeters to facilitate the regulated rates would not be feasible and Limousines enter into a contract prior to the provision of Limousine services.

  • Limousine services are only allowed when justified business reasons preclude the use of more economical modes of transportation.

  • Limousine services: Should not be used instead of taxis unless it can be shown that it is the most economical method of travel.

  • Limousine services – these companies must have a minimum of five vehicles, be licensed in their state/country and offer both fixed and FIT itineraries to clients in addition to regular transfer services to and from airports, etc.

  • Expenses related to lost keys locked in a vehicle due to employee negligence are not reimbursable.j. Limousine services should not be used instead of taxis unless it can be shown it is the most economical method of travel.k. Hotel safe charges are reimbursable by state funds only if the charges are mandatory by the hotel.l. The traveler must be responsible for finding legal parking spaces when performing work related duties.

  • I understand that my prescriber of record will also ask me to provide voluntary verbal consent for any new medications, medication changes, and/or the discontinuation of medications before they are ordered.

  • Limousine services usage has declined steadily in recent years and MSCAA’s concessionaires have been paying a minimum guaranteed concession fee of $125 per month or 6 percent of gross revenues, whichever was greater, up to an annual maximum of $6,000.

  • Cross city Limousine services are only available in selected cities.

  • Limousine services are permitted on a limited basis, as approved by your office’s Administrative Officer.

  • Limousine services should not be used instead of taxis unless it can be shown that it is the most economical method of travel.

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