Definition of Power of Sale

Power of Sale means any Law which permits the holder of this Mortgage to foreclose this Mortgage by power of sale and/or to sell any portion of the Property through either judicial or non-judicial means or at a judicial or non-judicial sale. If the Property is located in the State of New York, the meaning of such term shall also include the power to sell pursuant Article 14 of the Real Property Actions and Proceeding Law of New York and similar Laws.
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Examples of Power of Sale in a sentence

Act of selling security either under the "Power of Sale" in the security instrument or through court proceedings.
Lender may exercise all rights and remedies under any Causes of Action, whether before or after any sale of the Property by foreclosure, Power of Sale or otherwise, and apply the proceeds of any recovery to the Secured Obligations.
The statutory powers of leasing conferred on the Security Trustee shall be extended so as to authorise the Security Trustee to lease and make agreements for leases at a premium or otherwise, to accept surrenders of leases and to grant options on such terms as the Security Trustee shall consider expedient and without the need to observe any of the provisions of sections 99 and 100 Law of Property Act 1925, and Clause 8.2 (Power of Sale) shall operate as a variation and extension of section 101 of such Act.
Such rights shall include Lender's right (and Borrower hereby expressly grants to Lender such right) to sell the Property through Power of Sale, as and to the extent such remedy is available to Lender.
Such Statutory Power of Sale and other rights, power, remedies and authorities shall be in addition to all rights and remedies set forth herein or available under Applicable Law.