Environmental Damage definition

Environmental Damage means soil erosion, removal of vegetation, destruction of wildlife, pollution of groundwater or surface water, land contamination, air pollution, noise pollution, bush fire, disruption to water supplies to natural drainage or natural flow of rivers or streams, damage to archaeological, palaeontological and cultural sites and shall include any damage or injury to, or destruction of, soil or water in their physical aspects together with vegetation associated therewith, aquatic or terrestrial mammals, fish, avi-fauna or any plant or animal life whether in the sea or in any other water or on, in or under land.
Environmental Damage has the meaning ascribed to it in Part E of the Network Code;

Examples of Environmental Damage in a sentence

  • Francisco Orrego Vicun, “Institut de Droit International – Resolution on Respon- sibility and Liability: Responsibility and liability for Environmental Damage under Inter- national Law: Issues and Trends,” Georgetown International Environmental Law Review 10 (1998): 279.

  • RemediationRemedying the effects of Pollution or Contamination including primary, complementary and compensatory actions as specified in the Environmental Damage (Prevention and Remediation) Regulations 2009.

  • Seymour, Liability of Government Contractors for Environmental Damage, 21 PUB.

More Definitions of Environmental Damage

Environmental Damage means the injurious presence in or upon land, the atmosphere or any watercourse or body of water of solid, liquid, gaseous, or thermal contaminants, irritants, or pollutants.
Environmental Damage means any actual or alleged Liability (including without limitation Liability for investigatory costs, cleanup costs, governmental response costs, natural resources damages, property damages, personal injuries or penalties) arising out of, based on or relating to (i) the presence, discharge, emission or release into the environment of any Hazardous Substance or (ii) facts or circumstances forming the basis of any violation, or alleged violation, of any Environmental Law.
Environmental Damage means any one or more of:
Environmental Damage means any and all claims, judgments, damages (including consequential and punitive damages), losses, penalties, interest, fines, liabilities (including strict liability), obligations, responsibilities, encumbrances, liens, costs and expenses, of whatever kind or nature, contingent or otherwise, matured or unmatured, foreseeable or unforeseeable, including attorneys’, experts’ and consultantsfees and disbursements, including:
Environmental Damage includes any damage or injury to, or destruction of, air or soil or water or any plant or animal life, whether in the sea or in any other water or on, in or under Land;
Environmental Damage means any creation of damage or threatened damage to the air, soil, surface waters, groundwater, flora, fauna, or other natural resources on, about or in the general vicinity of the Coyote Extension.
Environmental Damage means any actual or potential impact,