PROGRESS SCHEDULE. Demolition Contractor shall adhere to the progress schedule established for the Demolition Project as it may be adjusted from time to time as provided below. Demolition Contractor shall submit to Architect for acceptance proposed adjustments in the progress schedule that will not result in changing the Contract Times (or Milestones). Such adjustments will conform generally to the progress schedule then in effect. Proposed adjustments in the progress schedule that will change the Contract Times (or Milestones) shall be submitted in accordance with the requirements of the Article addressing changes in the Demolition Work. Such adjustments may only be made by a Change Order.
PROGRESS SCHEDULE. Within seven days of execution of this Agreement, the Contractor shall submit a preliminary schedule of the Work to the Client. Failure to do so shall constitute a material breach of the Contract and a material breach of the conditions of the bid bond. Within thirty days after execution of the Agreement, and before any progress payment need be made, the Contractor, after consultations with its Subcontractors, shall submit a Progress Schedule to the Client. Neither the Client nor the A/E will, however, be required to review or approve the substance or sequence of the Progress Schedule, which are the Contractor’s sole responsibility. The Contractor will be responsible for planning, scheduling, managing, and reporting the progress of the Work in accordance with all of the specific methods and submittals described in the Contract Documents. The Contractor shall use the Contract Schedule to plan, coordinate, and prosecute the Work in an orderly and expeditious manner.
PROGRESS SCHEDULE. A. DESIGN/BUILDER shall adhere to the progress schedule discussed in paragraph 2.03.A as it may be adjusted from time to time.
PROGRESS SCHEDULE. The schedule for performance and completion of the Services will be as set forth in the attached Exhibit “C”.
PROGRESS SCHEDULE. 10.1. The CONTRACTOR shall submit within ten (10) days (or as specified in the Special Provisions for this Project) after execution of the Contract a detailed work schedule or schedules that details the actions of the CONTRACTOR and Subcontractors working at the Site in accordance with the requirements specified in Special Provisions. This schedule(s) shall show the dates at which the CONTRACTOR will start and complete the several parts of the work and shall conform to the completion time specified in the Contract. The COUNTY may submit comments on the work schedule. Acceptance of the schedule by COUNTY shall not constitute approval of the Plan by CONTRACTOR for completion of the work.
PROGRESS SCHEDULE. A schedule, prepared and maintained by Contractor, describing the sequence and duration of the activities comprising the Contractor’s plan to accomplish the Work within the Contract Times.