Delivery of the Goods Sample Clauses

Delivery of the Goods. 19.1 Unless otherwise expressly specified in the written acknowledgement of order, delivery of the Goods will be made ex-works as defined in INCOTERMS 2010.
Delivery of the Goods. 6.1 You must ensure that the Goods are:
Delivery of the Goods. 17.1 The Seller shall, deliver the Goods at the Delivery Point, and within the time period, specified in the Delivery Schedule with respect thereto in a condition which from the technical perspective is suitable based on the agreed requirements, to for immediate use by Purchaser for the Unit Acceptance Procedure.
Delivery of the Goods. Subject to Section 4.1 of the JDA, the time and place of delivery of the Goods are as specified in the Order. The terms of delivery shall be F.O.B. Supplier’s place of manufacture or other point of shipment in the United Kingdom (the “F.O.B. point”). Supplier’s obligation to deliver shall not have been met until the Goods and the documentation as required per the Order, including any certificates, maintenance instructions and manuals, have been delivered at the F.O.B. point. Unless expressly specified in the Order by Aviza, the delivery of Goods shall be non-recurring. If the Goods are agreed to be delivered/provided in installments, then the Order is deemed not to be severable. The Supplier shall notify Aviza as soon as reasonably possible of any delay or potential delay in the execution of the Order, and will state the events causing such delay. Supplier shall be responsible for additional expenses to deliver the Goods in an expedited manner or in a manner reasonably requested by Aviza if Goods are not delivered in accordance with timeframes set forth in the Order.
Delivery of the Goods. 11.1 CNC shall be deemed to duly deliver the Goods, and discharge its obligations hereunder, by delivering the Goods to a person and location authorised or directed by the Client in writing, or at any other location directed by the Client orally.
Delivery of the Goods. 2.1 It is your obligation to obtain delivery of the Goods. You must notify us if you have not taken delivery of the Goods within 7 days of the Commencement Date.
Delivery of the Goods. Equipment to a carrier, either named by the Client or failing such naming to a carrier at the discretion of the Supplier for the purpose of transmission to the Client, is deemed to be delivery of the Goods/Equipment to the Client.
Delivery of the Goods shall take place at the Delivery Location and will be completed upon the Goods' arrival at the Delivery Location. All costs of delivery at places other than Xxxxxxxx'x premises shall be borne by the Buyer.
Delivery of the Goods. 6.1 The Goods shall be delivered, carriage paid, to the Company’s place of business or to such other place of delivery as is stated on the Order or as agreed by the Company in writing prior to delivery of the Goods. The Seller shall off-load the Goods at its own risk as directed by the Company.