Design Specifications Sample Clauses

Design Specifications. Subject to brand design standards generally employed for the System, with respect to any capital expenditure programs submitted to Owner by Manager, Owner shall have the right to choose in its reasonable discretion one prototype package for such capital expenditure program from the variety of standard prototype packages available to complete such program. With respect to custom design packages that fall outside the scope of the then-current brand design standards and prototype packages generally employed for the System, Owner and Manager must mutually agree upon the details of such custom design packages, including design specifications.
Design Specifications. The Company will document the design specifications and changes necessary to build the System, and all test results of the System, and will provide such documentation to Bionics along with any other System design modifications necessary for Bionics to manufacture, use, and sell the System. Bionics’ employees and consultants may directly assist with the development of the System and the Company will reasonably cooperate with, and reasonably accept the design suggestions of, Bionics’ personnel.
Design Specifications. Design specification Services are the activities and deliverables that translate user and information system requirements into detailed technical specifications. The following table identifies each Party’s design specifications roles and responsibilities. Table 4. Design Specifications Roles and Responsibilities Design Specification Roles and Responsibilities ACS Symetra
Design Specifications. On execution of a Delivery Order hereunder, TRX shall, with WORLDTRAVEL’s cooperation, gather the necessary detailed requirements and develop and deliver to WORLDTRAVEL a set of Design Specifications meeting WORLDTRAVEL’s requirements as set out in such Delivery Order. An authorized representative of TRX shall certify to WORLDTRAVEL in writing that the Design Specifications are fully capable of meeting WORLDTRAVEL’s requirements as contained in the Delivery Order, except as expressly agreed to otherwise in writing by WORLDTRAVEL and that TRX is fully capable of developing and delivering the Custom Application Software. If such Design Specifications are prepared by TRX at WORLDTRAVEL’s request and initiation under such a Delivery Order, the Delivery Order shall provide for WORLDTRAVEL to pay for the preparation of such Design Specifications at cost. TRX shall use reasonable efforts to deliver the Design Specifications to WORLDTRAVEL on or before the specified time set forth in the Implementation Schedule. WORLDTRAVEL acknowledges that such timely delivery by TRX requires WORLDTRAVEL’s best efforts to cooperate and provide necessary information on a timely basis. TRX shall not be responsible for failure to timely deliver such Design Specification if such failure is due to WORLDTRAVEL’s acts or failure to act. Within a mutually agreed upon date after the delivery of the Design Specifications to WORLDTRAVEL, WORLDTRAVEL shall notify TRX in writing of its acceptance or rejection of the Design Specifications. If the Design Specifications are rejected, for any cause other than changes requested by WORLDTRAVEL, WORLDTRAVEL will specify the reasons for such rejection and TRX shall revise and re-deliver amended Design Specifications to WORLDTRAVEL for acceptance at no additional charge to WORLDTRAVEL. If WORLDTRAVEL rejects the amended Design Specifications, WORLDTRAVEL shall have the right to terminate that Delivery Order and make no further payments. If WORLDTRAVEL has neither accepted nor rejected the Design Specifications within thirty (30) days after the delivery thereof, the Design Specifications shall be deemed to have been accepted by WORLDTRAVEL. Once the Design Specifications are accepted, they automatically become part of the Delivery Order.
Design Specifications. 16 5.06 Management of Hotel Renovation and Construction Projects......................................16 TABLE OF CONTENTS
Design Specifications. The Tenant agrees that all Tenant's Work and plans shall conform to the Design Specifications.
Design Specifications. Xxxxx agrees that Arcadia’s sole obligation with respect to the design specifications and/or description of the Products (“Specifications”) is to manufacture them in accordance with the Specifications included in Arcadia’s written acceptance of Buyer’s purchase order. If there is any difference between the Specifications of the Products contained in the order confirmation and the Specifications of the Products contained in any other document, including but not limited to quotations, purchase orders, or correspondence, Buyer must notify Arcadia in writing within 24 hours of the date of the order confirmation, or the order confirmation shall create an irrebuttable presumption that the Specifications in the order confirmation are the final Specifications of the Products agreed to by Buyer and Arcadia. Such notice must be emailed to the Arcadia salesman handling Xxxxx’s account, to, and to Xxxxx agrees that Arcadia shall not be liable for any damages if the Specifications, the quotation, the purchase order, the order acknowledgment, or the order confirmation do not conform to or comply with the owner’s/architect’s Specifications, building codes, or any applicable statute including but not limited to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Any changes must be in writing and Xxxxx must reimburse Arcadia for all costs and expenses incurred as a result of the change. Arcadia has not and will not be involved in the selection of Products or in the installation of the Products. Buyer acknowledges that Arcadia’s Products are designed and manufactured to specific performance levels and are rated and classified for particular uses. Different Product applications require different levels of product performance. If the order confirmation does not include all needed manufacturing specifications (“Missing Specs”), Arcadia shall manufacture the Products using its choice of any Missing Specs and shall not be liable for any damages if its choice conforms to standard performance levels. Selecting the appropriate Products for a project and installing the Products is the sole responsibility of Buyer. Buyer represents and warrants that it will not rely on any representation by any employee, officer, or agent of Arcadia in the selection and application of the proper Products and sizes to ensure that, (i) when installed Arcadia's Products will keep water from passing beyond, around, or through the Products, (ii) that the Products con...
Design Specifications. The Exposition is undertaken by ISRI primarily for the educa- tion of its members. To this end, Exhibitor agrees to display products or services in a manner that is intended to describe and depict the advantages of using such products or services. ISRI reserves the right to prohibit (or close) any exhibit or part thereof that, in ISRI's sole opinion, is not suitable to, or in keeping with, the educational character and spirit of the Exposition. Equipment or Product Demonstrations. All equipment displays will be static unless agreed to in writing by XXXX. Requests to operate equipment must be submitted in writing no later than March 15, 2018. There shall be no moving or working compo- nents without the prior written consent of ISRI. Exhibitors interested in demonstrating equipment should refer to ISRI’s Operating Equipment Guidelines, attached hereto as Attachment C. Safety and noise considerations will be monitored. Show management shall be the final arbiter regarding noise emanating from exhibitor displays. Inappropriate Exhibits. ISRI reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to control or prohibit any exhibit deemed not appropriate. Aisle space or any other area of the Convention Center may not be used for exhibit purposes, display of signs, solicita- tion, or distribution of cards, circulars, samples, or other promotional material, unless permitted as part of a sponsorship agreement approved by ISRI. Exhibitors agree to abide by rules provided in the Exhibitor Service Kit.
Design Specifications. The NJDEP will develop design specifications to ensure that any permanent Project elements that may affect the visual context or historic setting of a Historic Property in the Project’s historic architectural APE are compatible with the historic and RBD‐HR PA‐5 RBD‐HR PA‐6 RBD‐HR PA‐7 RBD‐HR PA‐8 G-2 Appendix G: Programmatic Agreement REBUILD BY DESIGN XXXXXX RIVER: RESIST DELAY STORE DISCHARGE FINAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT architectural qualities of that property. Specifically, the Resist structure has the potential to introduce visual elements, which would adversely affect the context and/or setting of Historic Properties listed in Exhibit B.
Design Specifications. Design specification Services are the Functions and deliverables that translate requirements (functional, performance, availability, disaster recovery and security) into detailed technical system specifications. Supplier shall perform the design specification Services, including those Functions listed in the roles and responsibilities table below, except for those Functions that are expressly identified as retained Health Net responsibilities in the roles and responsibilities table below. Table 3. Design Specifications Roles and Responsibilities Design Specification Roles and Responsibilities Supplier Health Net