Produce Sample Clauses

Produce. The ‘Plot Holder’ shall cultivate the allotment garden and shall use it only for the production of fruit, vegetables and flowers for domestic consumption. However,’ Plot Holders’ will be permitted to sell any excess of fruit, vegetables and flowers produced on their plot.
Produce. 17.10 The Employer agrees that a minimum of one (1) employee per department shall be allowed to be absent on vacation at the same time. In any event, the Employer shall at all times be entitled to maintain a sufficient and qualified work force.
Produce. Most the literature supports the use of Petrifilm for produce testing but this method requires more skill to prepare and interpret. It could require multiple dilutions, also, which can get expensive. IDEXX or CBT could be used in settings without electricity and/or an incubator. Although CBT has not theoretically been used for produce testing, the produce should be rinsed in a sample bag, and that rinse becomes the sample, which could be tested in CBT or IDEXX.
Produce. Total market cost plus freight (where applicable). Total market cost is set by the respective Alliant Foodservice distribution center on a district-wide basis and is intended to reflect the local market replacement cost or current market average cost of procured products.
Produce. With respect to produce Merchandise, the parties agree to observe Penn Traffic's product specifications delivered by Penn Traffic to C&S as of January 29, 2008 (the "Specifications"), except as expressly set forth herein, and the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act guidelines ("PACA Guidelines"). Penn Traffic may update the Specifications from time to time, subject to C&S's reasonable approval, and so long as any changes to the Specifications are provided to C&S in writing with reasonable advance notice, so C&S has adequate time to order produce Merchandise under the new Specifications. If the Penn Traffic inspector properly rejects produce Merchandise at the time of its inbound receiving, due to a documented failure to conform to the Specifications or PACA Guidelines (verified by an FDA or USDA inspection, if requested by C&S), C&S agrees to assume full responsibility for the applicable Merchandise. [*] If the Penn Traffic inspector rejects the produce Merchandise at any time after such Merchandise has been received, Penn Traffic agrees to assume full responsibility for such Merchandise. C&S agrees to use its good faith efforts to work with the vendor to pick up the product or otherwise minimize Penn Traffic's damages, but in no event shall C&S be held financially liable for any produce Merchandise rejected after receiving. Penn Traffic is responsible for all costs associated with FDA or USDA inspections, which C&S may require as necessary. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth herein, if C&S procures produce Merchandise in a terminal or open market buy in order to meet Penn Traffic's needs (except where C&S procures such produce in order to replace produce rejected by Penn Traffic pursuant to this Section 3.6(a)), Penn Traffic agrees that any such Merchandise is not required to conform to its Specifications, and Penn Traffic agrees to accept any such Merchandise and to assume full responsibility for such Merchandise. The parties agree that terminal or open market buys are not to be used as the primary mechanism for procuring produce Merchandise, and should be used only in certain instances as determined by C&S in its reasonable discretion, including, but not limited to, a fluctuation in Penn Traffic's volume. C&S agrees to inform Penn Traffic of any terminal or open market buy in advance, unless doing so is not reasonably practicable, in which case, C&S will inform Penn Traffic as soon as reasonably practicable. * Material omitted and fi...
Produce. Earned Royalty Calculation Total Units Sold --------------------- X Net Wholesale Price/Unit $ --------------------- = Total Net Wholesale Sales $ --------------------- Earned Royalty Rate = 3.5% Earned Royalty Due = Total Net Wholesale Sales X 3.5% $ --------------------- Recap of Earned Royalty Payments
Produce. The Parish Council reserves the right to remove sub standard items. The stallholder must ensure that vehicles and containers meet the appropriate hygiene condition for the task of transporting produce to market (cross contamination of food for consumption with materials transported around the farm or from wholesalers must be avoided)
Produce.  All sampled produce must be washed. Hand washing stations may not be used to wash pro- duce. Correct sinks must be used or a separate produce washing station must be set up at booth or behind table. Perishable Items (anything that must be stored below 41 degrees F):  Samples can not be kept above 41 degrees F for more than fours hours. Any product stored above 41 degrees F must be timed and either returned to the proper temperature before four hours has passed or disposed of after four hours has passed. Edited: December 18, 2011
Produce. Produce" means:
Produce a. Farmers are only allowed to sell fruits and vegetables grown by themselves.