REACH Sample Clauses

REACH. 16.1. Seller warrants and represents to Buyer that: (i) it will at all times comply with its obligations under the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals Regulation No 1907/2006 (as amended) or any equivalent regime operating in any relevant jurisdiction (“REACH”) at its own cost to the extent permitted by law; (ii) it has a valid REACH registration/pre-registration for all relevant substances within the Goods for Buyer’s use.
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REACH. 3. The participation in the Joint Registration Dossier may deviate per requesting Non-Lead Member according to its tonnage band or possible opt-outs for certain endpoints.
REACH. 7. If it becomes apparent that before the submission of the Joint Registration Dossier the actual costs are higher than the payment set out under paragraph 4 above, the Lead Registrant has the right to adjust the payments by requiring additional payment from the Non-Lead Member.
REACH. The Lead Registrant is a member of and duly represents and acts in the name and on behalf of the other members of the FARM and on behalf of the CSCFER ('Lead Members').
REACH. Buyer is a manufacturer of products and a downstream user in means of the EC-regulation No. 1907/2006 (“REACH”) and Supplier warrants to comply with any and all obligations REACH imposes on Supplier, or which are – with regard to REACH – necessary to sell, process or trade the goods sold by Buyer within the EC, including without limitation: (a) necessary pre-registration, registration or authorization of chemical substances or preparations, (b) implementation of internal organizational measures to document REACH compliance, (c) coverage of any use(s) of chemicals or preparations in the goods (as well as in any packaging materials) specified by Buyer or any of Buyer’s customers towards the supplier within (a) and (b), (d) information without delay whether a substance or preparation which has been pre-registered will not be finally registered or authorized within the respective transition period and (e) no sale of any good containing prohibited Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) ((a) to (e) together “REACH Warranties”). Supplier acknowledges that any breach of a REACH Warranty is in terms of the applicable laws assumed to result in a “defect” of the respective substance, preparation or other good and Supplier will hold Buyer harmless against, and will defend and indemnify Buyer against and will support at suppliers expense any respective proceedings regarding any and all claims, liabilities, expenses and damages caused by the Supplier as a result of breaching the aforesaid Warranties.
REACH. 7. If the Non-Lead Member requests the submission of the Joint Registration Dossier on behalf of its Affiliate(s), only the Non-Lead Member shall be subject to the obligation to compensate the Joint Registration Dossier. Such single Joint Registration Compensation will be calculated on base of the highest tonnage band of Non-Lead Member and Affiliate(s). Accordingly, the Affiliate(s) of the compensating Non-Lead member, or the Affiliate(s) of the non-EU established companies represented by an Only Representatives being a Non-Lead Member, shall also have the right to refer to the Joint Registration Dossier under the same conditions without additional payment. In that case, the Non-Lead Member that has paid the compensation is responsible for compliance of its Affiliate(s) or their Only Representative with the rights and obligations pursuant to this Agreement, including the confidentiality obligations under Title I, Article II of this Agreement.
REACH. Upon receipt of payment, the Lead Registrant will issue the Non-Lead Member which has complied with its obligations under Article VI.4, VI.5 or VI.6 as applicable, with a revised Letter of Access listing the expanded study list and summaries, for which rights to refer are granted.
REACH. 12.1 The Buyer warrants, represents and undertakes to the Seller that it will promptly provide to the Seller such information as may reasonably be required from time to time in order to obtain and maintain REACH Compliance in respect of the Goods and that it shall comply with its obligations under REACH.
REACH. The Lead Registrant is a member of and duly represents and acts in the name and on behalf of the other members of the Adipic Acid Consortium registering the Substance ('Lead Members').
REACH. The Lead Registrant is a member of and duly represents and acts in the name and on behalf of the other members of the DBE REACH Consortium ('Lead Members').