Services and Facilities Sample Clauses

Services and Facilities. The Procuring Entity shall make available to the Service Provider the Services and Facilities listed under Appendix F.
Services and Facilities. The Minister shall arrange for the Board to be provided with such services, staff and facilities as are necessary to enable the Board to perform its functions.
Services and Facilities. 10.01 The Employer agrees that the Union may make use of the Employer’s internal on-campus mail and e-mail services at standard internal user rates for the purpose of communication on official Union business with its members and with the Employer.
Services and Facilities. 10.01 The Employer agrees to provide the Union with office space on the main campus.
Services and Facilities. Relates primarily to services and facilities under the governance of, or supported by, the LHD as well as partnerships, collaborations or other significant relationships with other organisations. These services and facilities are articulated within the following sections of Schedule B: SECTION 1 Service Planning
Services and Facilities. During the Period of Residence, we will use reasonable endeavours to:
Services and Facilities. The Management Company shall provide the following during the Tenancy Period:
Services and Facilities. (a) The tenant agrees to pay for the following services and facilities:
Services and Facilities. 10.01 The Employer agrees that in those academic units where employees are employed, the Union will be provided access to space on existing bulletin boards for the posting of official Union notices.
Services and Facilities. The Client shall make available to the Consultants, Sub consultants and the Personnel, for the purpose of the Services and free of any charge, the services, facilities and property described in Appendix F at the times and in the manner specified in said Appendix F, provided that if such services, facilities and property shall not be made available to the Consultants as and when so specified, the Parties shall agree on; (i) any time extension that it may be appropriate to grant to the Consultants for the performance of the Services; (ii) the manner in which the Consultants shall procure any such services, facilities and property from other sources; and (iii) the additional payments, if any, to be made to the Consultants as a result thereof pursuant to Sub-Clause 6.1(b) hereinafter.