Office Use Sample Clauses

Office Use. The Premises shall be used for general office ---------- purposes only. Tenant shall be responsible for compliance with all zoning laws and ordinances and Tenant acknowledges that neither Landlord nor its agents has made any representations or warranties with respect thereto.
Office Use. No. Pieces Fee Pd. Check No.
Office Use. Requested Facility is Fairfax Hall (Y/N)? I have read and agree to the terms outlined for Fairfax Hall as indicated in Provision 13. By initialing above client/responsible party agrees to $350 (refundable) security deposit, $250 (non-refundable) cleaning fee and subject to Security Attendant Fee ($30/hour) if attendance exceeds 50 people, serving alcohol, and/or the event is held outside admin operating hours. If applicable resident agrees to pay Audio Visual Fee of $30/hour (non-refundable). DUE AT TIME OF RESERVATION SECURITY DEPOSIT ($350) RECEIVED BY: CLEANING FEE ($150) RECEIVED BY: CSH/CHK NO.: CSH/CHK NO.:
Office Use. The Subleased Premises may only be used by Subtenant for general office space and other uses ancillary thereto, and Subtenant shall not, without the Sublandlord and Master Landlord’s prior written consent, use, suffer or permit the use of all or any portion thereof for any other purpose. Subtenant shall have the right to use on a non-exclusive basis all parking areas, sidewalks, gym, common area conference rooms, elevators, restrooms, hallways or other similar facilities or areas of the Building or the Land available for use by the Subtenant in common with other occupants of the Building, to the extent that such right has been granted to Sublandlord (collectively, “Common Areas”), in a lawful and proper manner and in accordance with all requirements of any governmental or quasi-governmental body, the Rules and Regulations (as defined below), provided that such Rules and Regulations are applied to Subtenant in a non-discriminatory manner, and subject to the further limitations stated in the Master Lease.
Office Use. The Premises shall be used for warehouse, storage and parking purposes only.
Office Use. Tenant shall use and occupy the Premises only for executive, administrative and general offices and for uses reasonably ancillary and incidental thereto and for no other purpose. Subject to the other provisions of this Lease (including all exhibits) and Landlord’s reasonable security procedures, Tenant shall have access to the Premises twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week, 365 days per year.
Office Use. Tenant covenants and agrees that the Premises shall be used for general office purposes only and for no other purpose. Tenant’s acceptance of occupancy from Landlord shall constitute acknowledgment by Tenant that Tenant has inspected the Premises and that the Premises are suitable for Tenant’s intended use thereof and that Tenant accepts the Premises in “AS IS” condition. Tenant recognizes and agrees that Landlord is making no warranties, express or implied, as to the present or future suitability of the Premises for any particular use other than general office use.
Office Use. From the Closing Date until December 31, 2014, AV Parties shall (i) allow Orosz a license to use the current office utilized by Orosz within the office space located at 2420 South Lakemont Avenue, Suite 450, Orlando, Florida, together with reasonable access to and use of the appurtenances and amenities thereto (i.e. – restroom, copy room, kitchen facilities, etc…) (collectively, the “Office Premises”), at no charge to Orosz, (ii) grant to Orosz the right to license one (1) cubicle and/or office from AV Parties within the Office Premises, on terms and conditions agreed to by Orosz and AV Parties, and (iii) otherwise provide Orosz and his designated licensee with access to the Office Premises in the same manner and to such extent as AV Parties has access to the Office Premises. Orosz agrees to accept such office space in its “as is” condition on the Closing Date and acknowledges that AV Parties shall have no obligation to prepare the space for Orosz’s occupancy or use. Orosz will be entitled to use the “common areas” of premises which are leased by AV Parties, in common with other occupants and will have the right to use a parking space, on an unreserved and if available basis. Orosz agrees to comply with any and all property rules and regulations; to maintain, replace and repair the furniture, fixtures and equipment located within such office space; and to not interfere with AV Parties’ business when using such office space. Upon the termination date, Orosz agrees to immediately surrender the office space, subject to normal wear and tear. The license granted to Orosz under this section is personal and Orosz may not assign the right, or otherwise sublease or permit any other person or entity to use the office space. If requested by either Orosz or AV Parties, the parties agree to promptly enter into a commercially reasonable form of license agreement in connection with the Closing, or at any point thereafter, to give effect to the terms and provisions of this Section 10(a).
Office Use. Application Received (Date) Program Officer Company NameLegal Name (if different)Mailing AddressCivic Address Contact Person NameTitlePhoneFaxEmailWebsiteBusiness InformationBusiness Number (BN) Type of OrganizationIn business since IncorporatedTo Be IncorporatedFederally Incorporated Partnership Sole ProprietorshipCooperative Other: (Specify)Total Annual Sales # of PEI Employeesfull-time part-time
Office Use. The tenant may not use the leased premises for purposes other than as offices, or for any illegal or immoral activities. In addition, it may not stay in the leased premises overnight, but if the tenant needs to work overtime, it should notify the building security department in advance.