Parental Responsibility Sample Clauses

Parental Responsibility. Those who have Parental Responsibility (i.e. legal responsibility for the child) are entitled to receive relevant information concerning the child whether or not they are a party to this contract unless a court order has been made to the contrary, or there are other reasons which justify withholding information to safeguard the best interests and welfare of the child.
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Parental Responsibility. 14.3.1 You (and each of you having parental responsibility for your child) acknowledge and agree that, prior to and during your child's time at the School, the School is entitled to assume that you have consulted with each other so far as decisions regarding your child are concerned. Accordingly, subject only to Clause 14.2.1 above, you (and each of you) accept that the School is entitled to treat: • Any instruction, authority, request or prohibition received from one of you as having been given on behalf of both of you; and • Any communication from the School to one of you as having been given to both of you.
Parental Responsibility. A unit member is entitled, upon request and verification of child's birth date, to a long-term parental leave to begin at any time between the birth of his/her child and one (1) year thereafter.
Parental Responsibility. We believe that the responsibility of keeping children safe when using the internet and other technologies at home rests with the parents. We understand that this can be an intimidating arena for parents to manage, so we are committed to supporting our parents in a number of different ways. There are 4 parts to this process for parents; Protect, Educate, Supervise, Trust (PEST).
Parental Responsibility. On registration it is a legal requirement to provide your child’s birth certificate (a copy of which will be kept in your child’s file). Parents named on the certificate have legal shared parental responsibility for the named child. If either named parent wishes to visit the Nursery or collect their child they are entitled to do so, unless a legal document or procedure states otherwise.
Parental Responsibility. I/We both have parental responsibility (i.e. legal responsibility) for my/our child; I/we both agree that my/our child should attend the School and no other person’s consent is required.
Parental Responsibility. The Parents confirm that they have parental responsibility for the Student and that no other person's consent is required for this Agreement.
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Parental Responsibility. Child Custody Both Husband and Wife are proper persons to have the permanent legal and physical custody, parental responsibility, care and control of the minor children of the parties. Husband and Wife shall share the decision-making rights, the responsibilities and the authority relating to the health, education and welfare of the children, and shall, therefore, make joint decisions concerning the children’s health, education and welfare. Both Husband and Wife shall exchange information concerning the health, education and welfare of the minor children, and shall confer with one another in the exercise of decision-making rights, responsibilities and authority. Husband and Wife shall have equal access to all medical, dental and school records concerning the minor children. However, the parties agree that the best interest of the child(ren) at this time is that primary parental responsibility and physical custody of the minor child(ren) will be and agree as follows: Husband shall have primary parental responsibility and custody of the minor child(ren) of the parties subject to the visitation rights of Wife. Wife shall have primary parental responsibility and custody of the minor child(xxx) of the parties subject to the visitation rights of Husband. Husband and Wife shall have joint primary parental responsibility and custody of the minor child(xxx) of the parties, both legal and physical.
Parental Responsibility. When a Client wants to register a child under tutors actions on their behalf they are obliged to be informed that Company do not present Services for minorities under no way, so no parental registration would be permissible even the Client would present by mistake before written email denial: # Personal Data Type
Parental Responsibility. 10.1.1. Students are eligible for a subsidized Edmonton Transit pass, so long as this remains a policy of EPS. During the first year of this Agreement, EPS shall determine the feasibility of including the ECSA Program as part of the alternative programs transportation network.
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