Ovens Sample Clauses

Ovens. Lessor acknowledges that Lessee has undertaken such repairs, recalibrations, modifications or other corrections to Lessee’s bake oven currently existing in the Building that are intended to avoid any further damage to the roof or any other portion of the Building; provided, however, notwithstanding such repairs, recalibrations, modifications and/or other corrections, Lessee shall continue to be solely responsible for any damage caused by or related to the existence or use of any ovens (including, without limitation, such bake oven). Without limiting the foregoing and notwithstanding Lease Paragraph 7.4(c), upon expiration or earlier termination of this Lease, Lessee shall, at Lessee’s sole cost and expense, repair any damage to the Building that has been caused by any ovens or as a result of any other operations of Lessee.
Ovens. In 2016, the Danish Energy Agency has measured the standby consumption of 5 domestic ovens. Requirements set in Regulation No 1275/2008 applicable to domestic ovens are the following: • Standby consumption must not exceed 0.5 W • Standby consumption must not exceed 1 W with information display Table 3 Measurement result of standby consumption of domestic ovens Product type Measured standby, W Display Comply with standby re- quirement? Oven 1 0.64 W Yes Yes Oven 2 0.45 W Yes Yes Oven 3 0.69 W Yes Yes Oven 4 0.23 W Yes Yes
Ovens. Including 10 Alkar, 4 Vemag, 1 Fessman, and 1 Xxxxxxxxx Smoke Houses. 6 PC-6000 direct digital control systems. 4 Smoke Master 5 Generators. 4 liquid smoke systems, and 4 Smoke Generator water damper systems. Spiral Freezer KF-40 Spiral Freezer Wastewater Plumbing plan attached. EXHIBIT I REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT See attached. EXHIBIT J LETTER OF CREDIT IRREVOCABLE STANDBY LETTER OF CREDIT Number: Date: Amount: Expiration: BENEFICIARY ACCOUNT PARTY [_______] c/o Highridge Provender 0000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, XX 00000 Attention: Xxxx Xxxxxxx We hereby issue our Irrevocable Letter of Credit No. ___________ in favor of [LANDLORD]//[LENDER] (“Beneficiary”), its successors and assigns, for the account of _____________. We undertake to honor your sight draft, upon presentation at our office in _________________, California, for any sum or sums not to exceed a total of _______________________ ($________) in favor of Beneficiary when accompanied by the original of this Letter of Credit. Partial and multiple drawings are permitted under this Letter of Credit. In the event of a partial draw, the amount of the draft shall be endorsed on the reverse side hereof by the negotiating bank. This Letter of Credit is transferable in its entire undrawn balance to a successor beneficiary upon presentation by Beneficiary of the original of this Letter of Credit, together with a written request for transfer executed by Beneficiary. DEMANDS FOR PAYMENT UP TO THE MAXIMUM AGGREGATE AMOUNT AVAILABLE UNDER THIS LETTER OF CREDIT SHALL BE PAID BY US AT OR BEFORE 1:00 P.M. _________ TIME ON THE NEXT SUCCEEDING BUSINESS DAY AFTER OUR RECEIPT ON OR PRIOR TO OUR CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON THE EXPIRATION DATE, OF ONE OR MORE SIGHT DRAFTS SIGNED BY YOUR AUTHORIZED OFFICER OR REPRESENTATIVE OR, IF THIS LETTER OF CREDIT IS TRANSFERRED, BY AN AUTHORIZED OFFICER OR REPRESENTATIVE OF ANY TRANSFEREE BENEFICIARY. “BUSINESS DAY” MEANS ANY DAY ON WHICH BANKS IN XXXXXXX XXXXX, XXXXXXXXXX XXX XXX XXXX, XXX XXXX ARE NOT AUTHORIZED OR REQUIRED BY LAW TO CLOSE AND ON WHICH THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE IS NOT CLOSED. DRAW REQUESTS MAY BE SUBMITTED IN PERSON, BY COURIER, OR BY MAIL TO OUR ADDRESS STATED ABOVE. WE HEREBY WAIVE AND DISCLAIM RIGHTS OF SUBROGATION IN RESPECT OF ANY DRAW MADE BY YOU, WHETHER ARISING UNDER THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE OR OTHERWISE. It is a condition of this Letter of Credit that it shall remain enforceable against us for a period of ________________ from this date...

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  • Cooking Cooking devices that are open-coil, open flame or gas based, including but not limited to hotplates and butane burners, are not permitted in residence buildings. For use of barbecues, see Section 3.03 Barbecuing and Outdoor Grilling. A complete list of permitted cooking appliances, and some examples of prohibited ones, can be found at: xxxxx://xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxx.xxx.xx/residence-life/moving-in/what-should-i-pack. Residents must be in attendance at all times while preparing food. Permitted cooking appliances may only be used in designated areas.

  • KITCHEN The kitchen is for warming purposes only. It is equipped with commercial freezer and refrigerator, two large microwaves, and deep sinks for clean-up. Please remember that if warm drinks are put in the refrigerator, it may take a long time for the drinks to get cold. The Xxxxxxx Park District does not provide catering.

  • Grooming The parties agree that the agency shall have the right to set reasonable and professional grooming standards for its employees. The agency and state agree to consult with the Association in the development of said grooming standards.

  • Lighting A system of fixtures providing or controlling the light sources used on or near the airport or within the airport buildings. The field lighting includes all luminous signals, markers, floodlights, and illuminating devices used on or near the airport or to aid in the operation of aircraft landing at, taking off from, or taxiing on the airport surface.

  • Laundry Uniforms provided by the Employer to employees will be laundered by the Employer.

  • Toilets Papers, dust, cobwebs, peels, cans/bottles, cigarette butts, excrement on floor, bad smells, water pools, leaking sewage, rodents, animals (dead or alive), overflowing sanitary bins. 0 = NOT APPLICABLE 1 = UNACCEPTABLE (Toilets out of order. Toilets not cleaned on daily basis.) 2 = POOR (Toilets cleaned, but still visible signs of dirt, e.g. dust, cobwebs.) 3 = GOOD (Obvious sign that toilets are cleaned daily.) 4 = EXCELLENT (Extra effort is put in to ensure cleanliness, e.g. using detergents.)

  • Irrigation The City shall provide water to the Premises for the purpose of irrigating the facility. The City specifically reserves the right to restrict water usage under this Agreement if water restrictions are placed on other water users within the City. Prior to the start of the season, City will provide charge up and run through the automatic irrigation systems to check for proper operation. City will provide Lessee with a radio for remote operation of the irrigation system, which Lessee shall use for the day to day maintenance, repair, and monitoring of the irrigation system. If the radio is lost, stolen, broken, or is rendered unusable, Lessee shall pay $1500 for the replacement radio. City is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the following irrigation elements, to the extent applicable: curb stops, backflow prevention devices, backflow enclosures, main line pipings, electric control valves, and controllers. Lessee shall notify Parks Division Water managers by email if any of these irrigation elements are malfunctioning or broken.

  • Welding Welding and use of cutting torches or cutoff saws will be permitted only in areas that have been cleared or are free of all material capable of carrying fire. Flammable debris and vegetation must be removed from within a minimum 10-foot radius of all welding and cutting operations. A shovel and a 5-gallon standard backpack water container filled and with handpump attached shall be immediately available for use in the event of a fire start. C8.212 – MARKET-RELATED CONTRACT TERM ADDITION (11/08). The term of this contract may be adjusted when a drastic reduction in wood product prices has occurred in accordance with 36 CFR 223.52. The Producer Price Index used to determine when a drastic reduction in price has occurred is stated in A20. Purchaser will be notified whenever the Chief determines that a drastic reduction in wood product prices has occurred. If the drastic reduction criteria specified in 36 CFR 223.52 are met for 2 consecutive calendar quarters, after contract award date, Contracting Officer will add 1 year to the contract term, upon Purchaser’s written request. For each additional consecutive quarter such a drastic reduction occurs, Contracting Officer will, upon written request, add an additional 3 months to the term during Normal Operating Season, except that no single 3-month addition shall extend the term of the contract by more than one year. Contracting Officer must receive Purchaser’s written request for a market-related contract term addition before the expiration of this contract. No more than 3 years shall be added to a contract's term by market-related contract term addition unless the following conditions are met:

  • Appliances The Landlord shall: (check one) ☐ - Provide the following appliances: . ☐ - Not provide any appliances.

  • Rubric The rubrics are a scoring tool used for the Educator’s self-assessment, the formative assessment, the formative evaluation and the summative evaluation. The districts may use either the rubrics provided by ESE or comparably rigorous and comprehensive rubrics developed or adopted by the district and reviewed by ESE.