Natural Resources Sample Clauses

Natural Resources. Rights and obligations relating to natural resources are subject to the host country's national legislation; for the avoidance of doubt, this Treaty does not apply to natural resources. Part B. Support and protection of investments
Natural Resources. The Lessee shall cut no timber, conduct no mining operations, remove no sand, gravel, or kindred substances from the ground, commit no waste of any kind, nor in any manner substantially change the contour or condition of the premises, except as may be authorized under and pursuant to the Development Plan described in the Condition on DEVELOPMENT PLANS herein. The Lessee may salvage fallen or dead timber; however, no commercial use shall be made of such timber. Except for timber salvaged by the Lessee when in the way of construction of improvements or other facilities, all sales of forest products will be conducted by the United States and the proceeds therefrom shall not be available to the Lessee under the provisions of this Lease.
Natural Resources. Sec. 301. Ultra-deepwater and unconventional natural gas and other petroleum resources. Sec. 302. Amendment to the Mineral Leasing Act. Sec. 303. Approval of agreement with Mexico. Sec. 304. Amendment to the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act. Sec. 305. Federal oil and gas royalty prepayment cap. Sec. 306. Strategic Petroleum Reserve. TITLE IV—FEDERAL CIVILIAN AND MILITARY RETIREMENT Sec. 401. Increase in contributions to Federal Employees’ Retirement System for new employees. Sec. 402. Foreign Service Pension System.
Natural Resources. Terrestrial The parties agree that the primary responsibility for managing the natural resources and ecosystems on federal lands lies with the Forest Service, while the City has primary responsibility for this function on City-owned lands. Each party has responsibility for planning and decision-making associated with its particular responsibilities and for appropriately involving the other party in such planning and decision making. However, nothing in this Agreement changes the legal obligations under the Bull Run Act for the Forest Service to consult and coordinate with the City on management of National Forest lands within the BRWMU. National Forest lands within the BRWMU will continue to be managed in accordance with legislative direction in the Bull Run Act as described in Section 1(a) of this agreement and administrative policies and guidelines in the Northwest Forest Plan and Mt. Hood Forest Plan. Stewardship of terrestrial resources on City-owned land in the BRWMU will be consistent with the City’s current management approach, which is essentially passive and protective of existing resources, consistent with the need for source water protection. Both agencies agree to coordinate on control of invasive weed species within the BRWMU.
Natural Resources. Natural resources include land, fish, wildlife, domesticated animals, plants, biota, and water. Water means salt and fresh water, surface and ground water, including water used for drinking, irrigation, aquaculture, and recreational purposes, as well as in its capacity as fish and wildlife habitat, including coral reef ecosystems as defined in 16 U.S.C. 64501. Land means soil, surface and subsurface minerals, and other terrestrial features. Nongovernmental Organization (NGO): A nonprofit entity that is based on interests of its members, individuals, or institutions and that is not created by a government, but may work cooperatively with government. Such organizations serve a public purpose, not a private benefit. Examples of NGOs include faith-based charity organizations and the American Red Cross.
Natural Resources. Aquatic The parties intend that the current and future operations and maintenance of the water system be conducted in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner and that investments in protecting, restoring, and managing for environmental values be made by both parties in the interest of meeting the long term needs and interests of the publics they serve.
Natural Resources. The ISGA will have control over the natural resources in the NorthEast region. Existing agreements relating to any such natural resources will continue in force. The GOSL shall ensure that all monies due under such agreements are paid to the ISGA. Any future changes to such existing agreements should be made with the concurrence of the ISGA. Future agreements shall be entered into with the ISGA.
Natural Resources. 6.1Ministerial consultation