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Method of Administration. Patients will receive two intradermal injections of approximately 0.5 mL volume on the anterior or medial side of the same thigh. The general area of vaccination will be at a location midway between the inguinal ligament and the knee and will be administered in the same lymph node draining area. The vaccinations will be given every 21 days for 5 doses total. Intradermal vaccinations should be given in a method similar to the “PPD Skin Test” through a 26- or 27-gauge needle (3/8 inch) in the anterior thigh midway between the inguinal ligament and the knee. The whole 1 mL vaccination volume will be administered in 2 different sites approximately 5 cm (about 2 inches) apart from each other, by carefully injecting 500 μL (0.5 cc) at each vaccination site by intradermal injection per the diagram shown below. The vaccinations will be administered using sterile technique by a well-trained research nurse or trained study staff. The patient must be monitored for 1 hour after the vaccination for signs of any adverse reaction. • Cleanse the area by swabbing the skin (an approximately 4 to 5 inch circle) with alcohol pads. • Hold the skin taut before injecting. Place the 2 intradermal vaccinations in 2 quadrants of the cleansed circle. • As depicted below keep the syringe low and flat along the skin surface (inject with needle bevel side up). Inject 500 μL forming a nice “bleb” under the skin. • Slowly retract the needle and allow the “bleb” to resorb. Repeat 1 more time to completely administer the full 1.0 mL volume. Observe the patient and injection sites for 1 hour. • Place a 4x6 sterile gauze bandage over the site on the thigh to protect from irritation for 12 to 24 hours. • Any leakage of the dose onto the skin or inability to deliver the full 1 mL volume to the 2 sites should be noted in the eCRF. • Patients must be observed immediately after vaccinations for signs of an acute allergic reaction. If symptoms such as difficulty breathing, angioedema, diffuse and significant urticaria, and/or hypotension are observed, immediate emergency medical attention will be provided.
Method of Administration. The Ceding Company will report to AUL all risks reinsured hereunder by the preparation and submission to AUL of a monthly Statement. The statement shall include, but not be limited to, the information shown in Attachment 1. The Ceding Company may request facultative consideration on any risk written by the Ceding Company on the plans of insurance set out in Exhibit B, by mailing to AUL a Reinsurance Application Form (Attachment 3) properly completed as facultative. Along with reinsurance application, the Ceding Company shall forward copies of its application, medical examination, inspection report, and all other pertinent information. AUL will give the application for reinsurance its prompt consideration and communicate its decision on the risk to the Ceding Company. For risks facultatively reinsured hereunder, the Ceding Company shall also mail to AUL a completed Formal Reinsurance Cession, (Attachment 3), along with copies of all pertinent papers which have not previously been submitted to AUL.
Method of Administration. The following procedure is recommended for performing the PPD test: 95/102 113 [LOGO] The SILVA study --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Method of Administration. The capsules containing the gastro-resistant granules should be taken before meals, swallowed whole with plenty of fluid (e.g. a glass of water). The duration of treatment in active Crohn’s Disease and in collagenous colitis should be limited to 8 weeks. The treatment with Budenofalk 3 mg should not be stopped abruptly, but withdrawn gradually (tapering doses). In the first week, the dosage should be reduced to two capsules daily, one in the morning, one in the evening. In the second week, only one capsule should be taken in the morning. Afterwards treatment can be stopped.
Method of Administration. Budenofalk® 2mg rectal foam can be applied in the morning or evening. The canister is first fitted with an applicator and then shaken for about 15 seconds before the applicator is inserted into the rectum as far as comfortable. Note that the dose is only sufficiently accurate when the pump dome is held downwards as vertically as possible. To administer a dose of Budenofalk® 2mg rectal foam, the pump dome is fully pushed down and very slowly released. Following the activation the applicator should be held in position for 10-15 seconds before being withdrawn from the rectum. The best results are obtained when the intestine is evacuated prior to administration of Budenofalk® 2mg rectal foam.
Method of Administration. Budenofalk® 2mg rectal foam can be applied in the morning or evening. The attending physician determines the duration of use. An acute episode generally subsides after 6 to 8 weeks. Budenofalk® 2mg rectal foam should not be used after this time.

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Method of Notice Section 12(a)(ii) of this Agreement is deleted in its entirety.
Administration of Plan The Plan is administered by the Committee appointed by the Company’s Board of Directors. The Committee has the authority to construe and interpret the Plan, to make rules of general application relating to the Plan, to amend outstanding awards pursuant to the Plan, and to require of any person receiving an award, at the time of such receipt or lapse of restrictions, the execution of any paper or the making of any representation or the giving of any commitment that the Committee shall, in its discretion, deem necessary or advisable by reason of the securities laws of the United States or any State, or the execution of any paper or the payment of any sum of money in respect of taxes or the undertaking to pay or have paid any such sum that the Committee shall in its discretion, deem necessary by reason of the Internal Revenue Code or any rule or regulation thereunder, or by reason of the tax laws of any State.
Method of Computation To determine the Adviser’s liability with respect to the Excess Amount, each month the Fund Operating Expenses for the Fund shall be annualized as of the last day of the month. If the annualized Fund Operating Expenses for any month exceeds the Operating Expense Limit of the Fund, the Adviser shall first waive or reduce its investment advisory fee for such month by an amount sufficient to reduce the annualized Fund Operating Expenses to an amount no higher than the Operating Expense Limit. If the amount of the waived or reduced investment advisory fee for any such month is insufficient to pay the Excess Amount, the Adviser shall also remit to the Fund an amount that, together with the waived or reduced investment advisory fee, is sufficient to pay such Excess Amount.
Administration of Discipline At the time formal discipline is imposed or at any stage of the grievance procedure, an employee shall have the right to the presence of her committee member. In the case of suspension or discharge, the committee member will be present unless the employee waives this right in the presence of the committee member. Wherever the Hospital deems it necessary to suspend or discharge an employee, the Hospital shall forward to the Union notice of such suspension or discharge in writing, at the same time it is given to the employee.
Method of Accounting The Company will use the method of accounting previously determined by the Members for financial reporting and tax purposes.
Method of Compensation The method of compensation may include: (i) a lump sum payment upon completion; (ii) payment in accordance with specified tasks or the percentage of completion of the services, less contract retention; (iii) payment for time and materials based upon the Consultant’s rates as specified in the Schedule of Compensation, provided that (a) time estimates are provided for the performance of sub tasks, (b) contract retention is maintained, and (c) the Contract Sum is not exceeded; or (iv) such other methods as may be specified in the Schedule of Compensation.
Administration of Medication Employees required to administer or apply medication(s) prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner, will be trained at the Employer's expense. Employees who have not received this training will not be permitted to administer such substances.
Method of Communication Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, all notices and communications hereunder shall be in writing, or by telephone subsequently confirmed in writing. Any notice shall be effective if delivered by hand delivery or sent via telecopy, recognized overnight courier service or certified mail, return receipt requested, and shall be presumed to be received by a party hereto (i) on the date of delivery if delivered by hand or sent by telecopy, (ii) on the next Business Day if sent by recognized overnight courier service and (iii) on the third Business Day following the date sent by certified mail, return receipt requested. A telephonic notice to the Administrative Agent as understood by the Administrative Agent will be deemed to be the controlling and proper notice in the event of a discrepancy with or failure to receive a confirming written notice.
Compensation and Method of Payment The maximum amount payable under this contract is $7,000.00 per month, unless modified as provided in Article 10 – Supplemental Agreements. Payments will be made on a monthly basis of $7,000.00 per month. The Contractor shall prepare and submit to the County a monthly invoice and a progress report stating the status and description of the work accomplished during the billing period. The County reserves the right to withhold payment pending verification of satisfactory work. The County assumes no liability for work performed or costs incurred prior to the date authorized by the County to begin work, during periods when work is suspended, or subsequent to the contract completion date.
Method of Payments (a) All payments of principal, interest, other charges (including indemnities) and other amounts payable by the Borrower hereunder shall be made in lawful money of the United States, in immediately available funds, to the Lender at the address specified in or pursuant to this Loan Agreement for notices to the Lender, on the date on which such payment shall become due. Any such payment made on such date but after such time shall, if the amount paid bears interest, and except as expressly provided to the contrary herein, be deemed to have been made on, and interest shall continue to accrue and be payable thereon until, the next succeeding Business Day. If any payment of principal or interest becomes due on a day other than a Business Day, such payment may be made on the next succeeding Business Day, and when paid, such payment shall include interest to the day on which payment is in fact made.