Meter Sample Clauses

Meter testing You may ask for information about your meter readings and meter registration for each or any nominated premises and QEnergy will endeavour to provide this information as soon as practical. QEnergy may pass on to you its costs of collecting and releasing information regarding half hourly meter registration. If you are not satisfied with any xxxx review, you can also ask for your meter to be tested. Where the meter is found to be faulty or inaccurate, it will be repaired and there will be no charge for the test. If there is no fault with the meter, you agree QEnergy may debit from your nominated bank account the whole of any payment for the test as well as the outstanding balance of the xxxx.
Meter. System Owner shall install the Meter at the Delivery Point to measure the amount of Output delivered by System Owner to Host Customer. System Owner shall own, operate and maintain the Meter during the Term at its own expense.
Meter. Upon the initial satisfaction of all of the conditions set forth in Sections 3.3 and 3.4 above, Public Service shall install, and thereafter own, operate, maintain and read the Meter, which shall be sufficiently sized to measure all Photovoltaic Energy generated by the PV System, and SRC Producer shall reimburse Public Service for the cost of installing the Meter. Such reimbursement shall be due within thirty (30) days from the date a xxxx is presented to SRC Producer by Public Service after the Meter is installed. If SRC Producer does not make payment in full within that time, the unpaid balance shall bear interest at the rate of one and one half percent (1.5%) per month. Public Service reserves the right to replace the Meter, at its sole cost, at any time and for any reason.
Meter. Provider shall provide and maintain a standard revenue grade meter and electronic data acquisition system at the Delivery Point (“Generation Meter”) to measure the actual amount of Output supplied to District by the Solar Facility on a continuous basis. Meters shall be installed and maintained at Provider’s sole expense and shall be located on the Distribution Utility side of all major electrical losses and within close proximity to the Delivery Point.
Meter. 7.1 The Consumer is prohibited from tampering with or causing the tampering of the meter or the sub- meter used to measure the water supplied to the Consumer’s Premises.
Meter. The System’s electricity output during the Term shall be measured by Seller’s meter, which shall be a revenue grade meter that meets ANSI-C12.20 standards for accuracy (the “Meter”). Purchaser shall have access to the metered energy output data via the [ ] monitoring system installed and maintained by Seller as part of the System.
Meter. The process of affixing postage with a USPS approved machine.
Meter. Charges for all treatment services furnished under this Contract by Sanford shall be based upon the volume of wastewater delivered at the Meter. At the Point of Delivery, or some other location approved by Sanford, Pittsboro shall furnish and install, at the expense of Pittsboro, the necessary metering equipment and required devices, as approved by Sanford, (the “Meter”) for properly measuring the quantity of wastewater delivered to Sanford. Pittsboro shall calibrate the metering equipment at least once every three years. Sanford may request it to be calibrated more often. If requested more than once every three years, Pittsboro shall test the metering equipment to see if it registers 3% above or below the test flow. If so, Pittsboro shall pay for the test and shall calibrate the equipment. If the test reveals that the meter is registering accurately (within 3% above or below) Sanford shall pay for the testing. If Pittsboro initiates a test, Pittsboro shall inform Sanford prior to testing and pay for the test, inform Sanford of the results and if needed, calibrate the equipment. Charges for all treatment services furnished under this Contract by Sanford shall be based upon the volume of wastewater delivered at the Meter. In the event of any discrepancy resulting from an inaccurate meter, the charges shall be adjusted equitably.