Electrical Losses Sample Clauses

Electrical Losses. SCE shall be responsible only for those Electrical Losses associated with electric energy that is produced by the Generating Facility, purchased by SCE and scheduled during the Startup Period.
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Electrical Losses. Guarantee All numerical values applicable to this Section 10.4 shall be defined and set forth in Exhibit A. 10.4.1
Electrical Losses. Seller shall be responsible for Electrical Losses assessed or incurred for any Non-SCE Energy that is scheduled during the Startup Period.
Electrical Losses. Seller shall not be responsible for any Electrical Losses for any electrical energy that is produced by the Generating Facility, purchased by SCE and scheduled during the Term.
Electrical Losses. Each energy payment shall be adjusted for electrical losses between the revenue meters and the Point of Interconnection as stated in Section 3.2C(5).

Related to Electrical Losses

  • Casualty Losses In the event that more than twenty-five (25%) of the square footage of the demised premises is damaged, destroyed, or rendered untenantable by fire or other casualty, Landlord may elect to terminate this lease by giving notice of such election to Tenant on or before the day which is ninety (90) days after such fire or other casualty, stating the date of termination, which termination shall be not more than thirty (30) days nor less than twenty-one (21) days after the date on which such notice of termination shall have been given; and (1) upon the date specified in such notice this lease and the term hereof shall cease and expire; and (2) any fixed annual rent and additional rent paid for a period after such date of termination shall be refunded to Tenant upon demand. If the leased premises are damaged or destroyed in whole or in part by fire or other casualty and the Tenant(s) do not want to terminate the lease, then the obligations of Tenant to pay fixed rent and to perform all of the other covenants and agreements on the part of Tenant to be performed pursuant to this shall not be diminished or affected.

  • Electrical Provide drawings for the following systems:

  • Casualty Damage A. If all or any part of the Premises is damaged by fire or other casualty, Tenant shall immediately notify Landlord in writing. During any period of time that all or a material portion of the Premises is rendered untenantable as a result of a fire or other casualty, the Rent shall xxxxx for the portion of the Premises that is untenantable and not used by Tenant. Landlord shall have the right to terminate this Lease if: (1) the Building or the Project shall be damaged so that, in Landlord’s reasonable judgment, substantial alteration or reconstruction of the Building or the Project shall be required (whether or not the Premises has been damaged); (2) Landlord is not permitted by Law to rebuild the Building or the Project in substantially the same form as existed before the fire or casualty; (3) the Premises have been materially damaged and there is less than eighteen (18) months of the Term remaining on the date of the casualty; (4) any Mortgagee requires that the insurance proceeds be applied to the payment of the mortgage debt; or (5) a material uninsured loss to the Building or the Project occurs. Landlord may exercise its right to terminate this Lease by notifying Tenant in writing within 90 days after the date of the casualty. If Landlord does not terminate this Lease, Landlord shall commence and proceed with reasonable diligence to repair and restore the Building and the Premises Improvements (excluding any Alterations that were performed by Tenant in violation of this Lease). However, in no event shall Landlord be required to spend more than the insurance proceeds received by Landlord. Landlord shall not be liable for any loss or damage to Tenant’s Property or to the business of Tenant resulting in any way from the fire or other casualty or from the repair and restoration of the damage. Landlord and Tenant hereby waive the provisions of any Law relating to the matters addressed in this Article, and agree that their respective rights for damage to or destruction of the Premises shall be those specifically provided in this Lease. Tenant shall have the right to terminate this Lease i 1: (a) a substantial portion of the Premises has been damaged by fire or other casualty and such damage cannot reasonably be repaired (as reasonably determined by Landlord) within 60 days after Landlord’s receipt of all required permits to restore the Premises; (b) there is less than eighteen (18) months of the Term remaining on the date of such casualty; and (c) Tenant provides Landlord with written notice of its intent to terminate within thirty (30) days after the date of the fire or other casualty.

  • Sprinklers Subject to any terms, conditions and limitations set forth herein, Landlord shall provide an operative sprinkler system consisting of mains, laterals, and heads “AS IS” on the date of delivery of the Premises to Tenant. Tenant shall pay for piping distribution, drops and relocation of, or additional, sprinkler system heads and Building firehose or firehose valve cabinets, if Tenant’s Plans and/or any applicable Laws necessitate such.

  • DAMAGE TO PROPERTY Exhibitor is liable for any damage caused to building floors, walls or columns, or to standard booth equipment, or to other Exhibitor’s property. Exhibitor may not apply paint, lacquer, adhesives, or other coating to building columns and floors or to standard booth equipment.

  • Major Damage In the event of Major Damage to a Property prior to the Closing Date, then the applicable Seller shall have no obligation to repair such Major Damage and shall notify Purchaser in writing of such damage or destruction (the “Damage Notice”). Within ten (10) days after Purchaser’s receipt of the Damage Notice, Purchaser may elect at its option to give a Termination Notice for the damaged Property to Seller’s Representative. If Purchaser does not elect to terminate this Agreement with respect to the damaged Property, this transaction shall be closed in accordance with the terms of this Agreement either, at the election of the applicable Seller, (a) for the full Purchase Price for the damaged Property notwithstanding any such damage or destruction, and Purchaser shall, at Closing, execute and deliver an assignment and assumption (in a form reasonably required by the applicable Seller) of such Seller’ rights and obligations with respect to the insurance claim and related to such casualty, and thereafter Purchaser shall receive all remaining insurance proceeds pertaining to such claim (plus a credit against the applicable Purchase Price at Closing in the amount of any deductible payable by the applicable Seller in connection therewith and not spent by such Seller for demolition, site cleaning, restoration or other repairs); or (b) Purchaser shall receive a credit against the Base Purchase Price for the damaged Property for the full replacement costs of repair to the subject Property, plus, to the extent covered by such Seller’s insurance policy, any costs required pursuant to local code or zoning requirements, as determined by an independent third party reasonably acceptable to such Seller and Purchaser. In the event a Seller elects to assign such Seller's rights and obligations with respect to the insurance claim and related casualty to Purchaser as provided above, and if an AIMCO employee is the adjuster for the claim related thereto, Sellers covenant and agree that the adjuster shall act in accordance with standard insurance industry protocols in processing such claim (including, without limitation, the time taken to process such claim).

  • Partial Damage to Property (a) Tenant shall notify Landlord in writing immediately upon the occurrence of any damage to the Property. If the Property is only partially damaged (i.e., less than fifty percent (50%) of the Property is untenantable as a result of such damage or less than fifty percent (50%) of Tenant's operations are materially impaired) and if the proceeds received by Landlord from the insurance policies described in Paragraph 4.04(b) are sufficient to pay for the necessary repairs, this Lease shall remain in effect and Landlord shall repair the damage as soon as reasonably possible. Landlord may elect (but is not required) to repair any damage to Tenant's fixtures, equipment, or improvements.

  • Minor Damage In the event that a Property is damaged or destroyed by fire or other casualty prior to the Closing, and the cost of Repairs is equal to or less than ten percent (10%) of the Purchase Price for such Property, then this transaction shall be closed in accordance with Section 11.3, notwithstanding such casualty. In such event, applicable Seller may at its election endeavor to make such Repairs to the extent of any recovery from insurance carried on the Property, if such Repairs can be reasonably effected before the Closing. Regardless of applicable Seller’s election to commence such Repairs, or applicable Seller’s ability to complete such Repairs prior to Closing, this transaction shall be closed in accordance with Section 11.3 below.

  • Uninsured Losses The Servicer must take the following actions in the event of loss or damage to any Mortgaged Property caused by an earthquake, flood, tornado or other natural disaster immediately following, the earlier to occur of (x) its notification or discovery of such loss or damage or (y) the time at which the Servicer reasonably should have known of such loss or damage in the exercise of Prudent Servicing Practices:

  • Electrical Service Electrical service for new construction or a renovated existing building shall be 480/277-volt, 3-phase, 4-wire or approved equal. Service shall be sized for HVAC and other mechanical system(s) loads, lighting, general building services, and dedicated computer based office equipment loads. 5 xxxxx per square foot shall be provided for lighting and general service receptacles. Size of neutral conductor of 3- phase circuits shall be twice that of phase conductor to accommodate potential harmonic currents associated with computer system electronic power supplies and fluorescent lighting fixtures electronic ballasts. An adequately sized 3 phase “wye” wound step down transformer shall be provided to supply 208/120-volt, 3 phase power, for lighting, general service receptacles and dedicated computer based office equipment. Dedicated, isolated ground circuits shall be supplied from separate isolated ground power distribution panel(s). Lighting circuits shall be supplied from separate lighting panel(s). Panels shall have 20% spare capacity and be complete with 10% spare breakers of each size, but no less than 1 spare. No more than 4 duplex receptacles shall be connected to any single 20-amp dedicated isolated ground circuit or general service circuit.

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