Related Materials Sample Clauses

Related Materials. Related Materials to be delivered (clause 4) [Insert details of any documents or materials to be provided by the Assignor to the Assignee.] Operative provisions
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Related Materials. Any and all documentation, memoranda, notebooks, photos, sketches, prints, drawings, research materials, charts, graphs, machinery, prototypes, tools, written material, and plans. Partnership. ABIOMED Limited Partnership, a Massachusetts limited partnership.
Related Materials. Following the termination of this Agreement, Customer shall forthwith cease to use any documents, notes, and other materials and files related to the Software.
Related Materials. To the extent transferable and in the possession of Seller or Seller’s property manager, trademarks, trade names, plans and specifications, construction warranties and guaranties, licenses, permits, guaranties, if any, and like personal property which directly relate to the Property.
Related Materials. Tenfold will provide the following materials to Allstate, as part of the Program License, to support installation and use of the Programs:
Related Materials. The Center holds sound recordings by Xxxxxx Xxxxx and Xxxxx Xxxxx that are filed first by record label, then by issue number. Sources are also available on these musicians in the reading room, searchable through Voyager. Additional materials located in the vertical files and Iconographic collection may be accessed through the Center’s in-house InMagic database.
Related Materials. All other materials relating to the Software that are provided by Geoworks to SAIC during the term of this Agreement.
Related Materials. Additional materials related to the Xxxx Family Business Papers can be found in the following collections: Xxxx Family Business Records, (C3038) Xxxx Family Business Records, (C3039) Xxxxx Xxxx Daybook, (C3043) Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Papers, (C4351) (C0592) Xxxx Family Business Papers Page 2 Processed by: Processed by a State Historical Society of Missouri staff member, date unknown. Finding aid revised by Xxxxxxxx Xxxx, August 9, 2022. Biographical Note: Xxxxxx Xxxx was born on July 25, 1807, in New Castle, Delaware. He was first married to Xxxxxxx (Xxxxxxx) Xxxx and they had on child, Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx. Xxxxxxx died on December 29, 1838. After her death, Xxxxxx married Xxxx (Xxxxxx) Xxxx and they had seven children together. Xxxxxx died on December 4, 1878, in Austin, Texas. Arrangement: The collection has been arranged chronologically.
Related Materials. (a) Literature with respect to the Funds prepared by ING Financial or the Nominee or its agents for use describing shares of the Funds to Plans (except any material that simply lists the Funds’ names) shall be submitted to the Series Trust for review and approval before such material is used with Plan, Plan Representative, or Participant. The Series Trust shall advise the submitting party in writing within five (5) Business Days of receipt of such materials of its approval or disapproval of such materials.
Related Materials. To the extent transferable and in the possession of Seller or Seller’s property manager, Seller’s right, title and interest, if any, in and to the Existing Leases (as hereinafter defined), the Existing Agreements (as hereinafter defined), any intangible property now or hereafter owned by Seller related to the Real Property or the Personal Property including, without limitation, any trademarks, trade styles, service marks, software, domain names and websites related to the Real Property or the Personal Property, all rights under any certificates of occupancy, licenses, permits, warranties and guaranties, if any, which relate to the Real Property or Personal Property to be retained by the Partnership after the Closing, and all contract rights, escrow or security deposits, utility agreements or other rights related to the ownership of or use and operation of the Real Property or the Personal Property (the “Intangible Property” and together with the Real Property and the Personal Property, the “Property”).